Hetalia World Series Epiosde 43

Two things: firstly, Ariana’s computer is being crappy so there’s going to be a much longer wait for Gossick and a first impression review of that one new magical girl anime that isn’t full of wtf and soulcrushing.
Secondly, I have the Hetalia Movie (special edition) DVD right here so the review is going to be quite soon. Tomorrow soon!

...I still can't work out what he's holding.

The time is the middle ages, and Poland and Lithuania’s superiors are getting worried about all the strongest guys around at the moment. They decide that it is in their country’s best interests if they make the two form a marriage-alliance, so the two are arranged to meet for the very first time. Lithuania’s a little nervous about it, but Poland even more so, being cripplingly shy with strangers. However he manages to be quite articulate and mature when put on the spot. For a limited time at least.
We then get a really short little lesson from Italy about the renaissance. We learned that already but whatever, it looks adorable.

I wonder if Golden Hordes is going to ever become a full-fledged character in Hetalia, or if there's just going to be these cameos.
Princess Peach was Polish all along!
hnngh Poland I missed you.
Man Poland's crying noise was the lulziest thing.
baw he's so cute when he's nervous.

Oh boy, I was so damn excited for this episode because I love the hell out of Poland. One would expect that the way he and Liet met would be cuter; instead it’s just lulzy, and it retains the lulz in anime format. And, dare I say it, Deen did quite a good job of adapting this part. In fact, it could even be better than the manga (slightly!) in some places, if only for Poland’s voice.
But yeah this is the infamous strip where Poland requests to see Lithuania’s dick out of freaking nowhere, and I honestly still have no idea what compels him to say it. Is it some really obscure, unexplained historical reference? Something to do with circumcision? Or is it just Poland being…Poland. The world may never know, but it’s so ‘wait wat’ that it’s funny, especially when you don’t see it coming.
There’s also a brief little learning segment after this that explains how Poland and Lithuania formed the ‘union of Krewo’, with some cute little chibis, which is nicer than a boring black screen or a still image like they’ve done before at times.
Nothing much to say about the little segment at the end with Italy other than it’s cute. It’s clearly just put there to fill up space, but Deen certainly have employed much worse methods of space-filling, so this is quite welcome.

BAMF mode activated.
Never thought I'd see him with this face...
This is going straight into the 'wait wat' hall of fame for Hetalia screencaps.
This is the perfect reaction shot.
ending on some moeducation.

Out of 5,

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