Having now presumably gone through with the marriage-alliance set up in the previous episode, Poland and Lithuania are now getting to know each other.  They decide to do this by sharing the legends about their capitals, and thus we get to learn about the (apparently inaccurate) story of the Wawal Dragon in Poland, and in Lithuania’s case, how his capital Vilnius was founded after a dream of a wolf in armour. Except Poland is more interested in showing off dat ass than listening.
There’s also, going back to the WW2 era, a snippet of England finding out the location of the Axis Powers by successfully tapping….uh, what, exactly? They didn’t exactly have phone lines on their desert island… but it’s super short and is more of a preview of the full strip next week, United States of Hetalia #2.

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An apparently inaccurate comedy!


This episode is mostly educational ‘the moar you know’ historical trivia about Polish and Lithuanian mythology, and it works pretty well. Except it would work better if the Polish legend was actually correct (apparently the Hetalia version is less awesome and the original legend had a shoemaker slaying the dragon and not a random prince). Nevertheless, it’s interesting to know that there’s a lot of dragon merchandise for sale in the city, and as far as I know, no Lithuanian fans have come out to say that the legend Lithuania recounts isn’t correct. It also helps that Poland’s way of speaking makes the recounting of the legend a lot funnier than it ought to be.
Of course, were it just two bros sharing cool stories, it wouldn’t be entirely interesting, but because it’s Lithuania and Poland, of course there is ridiculousness with Poland…being Poland. (Seriously, I still have no idea what he was trying to do there and why.) It seems like he’s being rude and immature to Lithuania, but then when it gets revealed that he ‘hasnt seen him joking around in ages’ it’s really rather sweet.
I’m quite excited for next week, because United States of Hetalia #2 has copious amounts of China.

That's a pretty awesome dream.

poland wat

poland wat

wat are you doing


...what are those things in the pink/green dresses, they're damn creepy.

Out of 5,