"So uh...where'd the plot go?"

These are two more whole episodes of Colour Rangers nonsense. In episode 6, the boys travel all the way to see the ‘evil’ Kraft to get the key from him to be able to take off their bracelets that make them transform. Kraft lets them have it pretty easily, but they can’t figure out how to use it, and it ends up that they have to say a special password which is the name of the girl they like. When all the ridiculous shenanigans are finally done with, the boys for some reason can’t bring themselves to throw the bracelets away, and soon find out that Baka tricked them and their ordeal isn’t over yet. They are soon transported to a planet which is…an RPG planet inside of a game (don’t ask) where they have to defeat the Demon King there.

Yeah I didn't really cap much from this episode but hngh Sade.

This episode has its moments, but ultimately it felt like it dragged a bit too long. As amusing as the premise is, I ultimately just found myself getting sick of this whole ludicrous  Colour Ranges thing and started wishing we could just get back to…whatever the plot was originally. Or is that gone for good? Man  I don’t even know. Anyway  when it ended on a To Be Continued I was kind of 8\ about it.
Baka, at least, is still hilarious and he manages to still carry the episode to some extent. There’s also these hideous, wtf 3D scrotum-monsters that appear in the RPG world but I’d rather not dwell on those. Not the best episode but yay for Sade appearing again!


Out of 5,

FFFFFFFFFFF this looks too natural.

Episode 7; The boys have managed to level up to a significant extent in the RPG, and after setting off a ‘flag’ from an NPC villager they go to meet the king. He tells them that the demon king seeks his daughter as a wife, which troubles him greatly. Also his ‘daughter’ is actually just cross-dressing Baka.
A slight in Baka’s trolltacular plan has resulted in him also being trapped inside the ‘game’, which can only be fixed, apparently, if they defeat the demon king. The boys must figure out how, and manage to reach some ‘sacred ground’ that the monsters cannot touch, before the demon king manages to deflower Baka on the wedding night. (He eventually manages to escape by convincing him that they are doing teacher-themed abandonment play) However the boys realize that once again, the ‘bad guys’ were not the real bad guys and Everything, Ever, is Baka’s Fault.

I think it's pretty lol that they all look about 12-14 but the yellow guy looks like 25.


...so damn disconcerting hearing this in Italy's voice I can tell you.

Despite me getting sick of the Colour Rangers thing, the finale episode is freaking hilarious. Most of this comes from the extended gag of Baka cross-dressing…not something I would have expected to see him do, as ridiculously suited to it he is. There was something hilariously, horribly terrifying about this whole thing, but it was mostly Baka’s voice; the whole time he was crossdressing (as a princess, a dominatrix, a schoolgirl, a naughty teacher…), Namikawa was using his ‘cutesy innocent’ voice. Ie, his Italy voice, and the result was nigh brain-breaking. Baka switched between so many different voices in this episode (including a really evil one I haven’t heard him do before) and it really is an impressive vocal performance that would make the episode enjoyable on its own even without the rest being  so damn ridiculously funny as well. It’s full of all kinds of ludicrous touches, such as the Rangers having to shout out ridiculous tongue twisters as attack names.  And the demon king taking on the form of his ‘father’ Baka (…as a child though) was adorable..until I remember that he spent a good portion of the episode preparing to bone him. Um. …yeah actually that’s really freaking creepy.
Because the tables are turned on Baka eventually, with the Colour Rangers all against him, I’m getting pretty confused as to what this whole damn thing even was, as surely if it was Baka’s fabricated story he wouldn’t have written in himself getting beaten up and overpowered.  It’s probably best if I don’t give it too much thought at all really.
Anyway, the next episode is onto Something Completely Different but there’s still no sign of Yukitaka in the preview, so it seems like he got booted out of his own show, lmao. Or was he even the ‘main’ character to begin with…?

Why does he do it so well.


This is the best representation of Baka's trolling.

Out of 5,