Dragon Crisis! Episodes 4-7

Once again, spoilers have been kept to a minimum. Will try to get better quality screenshots next time; sorry folks.

Rule #27 of owning a dragon: Never make them cry.

Episode 4:

Ryuji and co. (along with his classmate friends) end up going to the beach. While there, Ryuji gets called out by a white dragon named Margarite (Maruga) who wants Ryuji to get back a white dragon sword for her from another level 10 breaker named George; who supposedly harbors a deep hatred against dragons.

Poor Misaki--Friend-zone'd so hard...

When Ryuji goes to check out the church where the sword is being held, he finds out that George isn’t actually all that evil as Maruga had proclaimed. In fact, he’s sort of a ditz. When the gang (Ryuji and co. and classmates) go to the summer festival, George ends up falling in love with Maruga…

Summer yukatas!

Episode 5:

...Eriko, you are a bitch and I love you for it.

Seeing that George has fallen in love with Maruga, Eriko devises a plan to take back the sword. It fails due to unforeseen circumstances, and also ends up breaking a poor classmate’s heart when she mistakenly believes that Ryuji’s “engagement” to Rose means an actual real engagement. When Maruga realizes that George is actually a pretty good guy, she reveals the real reason why she wants to get back the sword—it’s cursed, among other things.

I... actually didn't like Maruga too much. She has a nice character design, though.

Although Ryuji believes that George’s perception of dragons can never change, Rose believes otherwise and goes to confront him at the church. When Ryuji, Eriko, and Maruga get there themselves, Ryuji is forced into a stand-off with George; who is now possessed by the cursed sword. After resolving this matter, Maruga takes her leave, hinting that she may make another appearance later on.

D'aawwwww, Rose.

My Opinion: (doing these for two episodes instead of one so it doesn’t end up like my latest Gosick review…)

This series keeps managing to surprise me. When I first heard “beach episode!” I thought it would just be a fanservice-fest. Fortunately, it wasn’t. There was some fanservice, but only thrown in there as the icing on the cake—it wasn’t the sole focus of the episode(s) nor did it take up the whole episode. This is one of the reasons why I’m becoming to like this series more and more. The story is way more important than all the fanservice, and always takes center stage before anything else. It’s refreshing in the sea of heavily-fanservicy series where there’s nothing else BUT fanservice.

To be perfectly honest, the story in Dragon Crisis still hasn’t gotten past the “cliché” territory entirely; and I won’t even pretend that its story is really very deep—but it is deeper than you would expect at first glance. And it still manages to get an “awww” out of me despite its cheesiness, so whatever. I like it! At times, I think I enjoy this series a little more than Gosick. It just has such a calming and feel-good feel to it.

Anyway, out of five:

Ep 4: 

Ep 5:  and 1/2

Episode 6:

The Society (of Lost Precious) are holding a fancy party when a Lost Precious thief nicknamed Odd Eye (with wolf ears and tail) crashes the scene and attempts to steal all three A-Class Lost Precious. However, Ryuji stops her and also ends up saving her life.

Yeah lady, just... stand there and let her calmly take your ring. :/

Later that night, Odd Eye attempts to steal Eriko’s earring (that’s useless unless it’s used in a pair) again, but ends up getting caught and somehow hand-cuffed to Ryuji. (…Long story.) Her name is revealed to be Ai, and she ends up bonding with Ryuji’s group as she tells them her history. Ai actually steals under orders from her Master, whom she loves and reveres very much.

Just wanted a cap of Rose sleeping because I can.
It's official--Ai is my favorite character of this series so far.

Later on, her master pays a visit to Ryuji’s home, stealing the earring, taking back Ai, and kidnapping Ryuji in the process.

Episode 7:

Continuing on from the last episode, Ai and her Master reach their base of operations, and decide to just stash Ryuji in the basement. Ai puts on both earrings (along with the stolen one which forms a pair) and discovers that the earrings allow one to read another person’s true thoughts. Through this, Ai discovers that her Master has been lying to her all her life, and has a mental breakdown.


Angry at her Master, Ai frees Ryuji and they both attempt to escape—but are trapped by Ai’s Master, who reveals himself to be a very powerful Lost Precious user. After a showdown on the rooftop (with Rose joining in to help), they eventually “defeat” Ai’s master. Ai comes to terms with her “curse” (the wolf ears and tail), and Ryuji and co. make another friend.

There ARE some cool action scenes in this series--I just suck at screencapping them.

She too has to leave, but judging from the next episode previews, she’ll be back pretty soon.

Whoah Ryuji, you are looking kind of DERP there.

My Opinion:

Okay, my summaries for these two episodes are purposefully short and vague because I want people to watch it for themselves (if you really wanted to know). Spoiling the real story behind these would make it lose its impact. Episodes 6 and 7 are possibly my favorites so far (and that’s not just because I think Ai is adorable).

I think I’ve discovered why I like the Dragon Crisis! series so much. Every “arc” has its own crowning moment of heartwarming. The characters have also won me over, despite my misgivings at the start. Simply watching their interactions is enjoyable because it’s very sweet. These people aren’t perfect, and they sometimes fight; but they all genuinely care for each other and have become a happy family by overcoming obstacles together.

Each new character that’s been introduced also manages to be interesting, and don’t just fall into the typical “clichés.” Although… I do wish there were more major male characters, because Ryuji’s basically accumulating a harem at this point…

As much as I liked episodes 6 and 7 for the story, episode 6 wasn’t entirely free from some criticism. Episode 6 manages to pack in even more fanservice than the episode 4 or 5 beach episode! Fortunately, this series is good enough that it didn’t even annoy me.

It’s also nice that Ryuji’s and Rose’s duex ex engagement powers are starting to become less effective against the baddies. That keeps the show from getting too stale. Although Dragon Crisis! has never been a series for action—they focus far more on plot and character development than fighting scenes—Ai’s thief entrance in episode 6 was rather well done, in my opinion.

I don’t know where this series will go in the future, but I’m enjoying the ride so far.

Out of five:

Ep 6:  and 1/2

Ep 7: 

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