Hey remember when I got the Hetalia reviews done pretty early? Those were the days.

This episode is mostly the adaptation of United States of Hetalia 2, in which – in a rare return to the original (presumaby) WWII antics, the Allies fail again in locating the Axis, which results in America and China getting stranded together on an island. However it’s not that island because China doesn’t have a Chinatown on it, so they only have America’s candy and ‘spom’ to survive on. But in the end they dont mind because they figure the scenery is so awesome, especially at sunset, that they should build a hotel there for the young folk.
And because two straight episodes of Poland is never enough there’s another segment with him and Lithuania playing chess. Even though Liet is winning he activates Poland’s trap card Poland activates ‘Poland Rule’ which means it’s always his turn and he can do whatever the hell he wants because he’s Poland and he’s a BAMF like that.  And then they go all Gakuen Hetalia for no reason and he cross-dresses because of the trap card see what I did there.

Normally I'd be quite worried whenever Russia looks that happy.

dat hair

...honestly had no clue China was that buff.


Man, what the hell was up with the ‘TWOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo’ on the ‘United States of Hetalia 2’ title screen. Anyway, America and China are two characters that never really seemed to get much interaction between them, but this episode is basically devoted to it. To be honest, it’s not that interesting really, it’s just wise man/wise guy (know the difference), but the episode itself isn’t bad and manages not to be boring (despite the fact that any focus on America’s interactions with others (particularly Japan) is just that for me). There’s also a hell of a lot of China eyecandy, almost as if as compensation for how little he seems to do in the show. Makes me wish Russia could get this kind of treatment as well, though.
The Poland/Lithuania chess game is a strip I really love, and it works just as well in anime format. The afterward of Poland crossdressing has pretty much nothing to do with anything and is just kind of tacked on (…as it was in the manga, though), but Poland wears that skirt better than most of the female cast so who’s complaining. (Maybe the Polish. I do have a friend from a Polish family who adores the guy though, and apparently the Polish fan community all love him too. He’s pretty hard not to love.)

Right, stop it. China-hamster with chinese SFX is just too freaking adorable.

Easy, fangirls.

The only way I know how to play chess.

problem? (also damn upward pans, if I got his skirt I wouldnt have gotten his head)

Out of 5,