Dragon Crisis! Episode 8

Whoah Eriko, your boobs are kinda... lopsided?!


Surprise, surprise, Rose now goes to school with Ryuji under the guise of an “American exchange student.” Cue Mao (one of Ryuji’s classmates/friends) trying to get him and Misaki together instead.

However, Ryuji can’t even relax while at school because a foreign woman shows up in his classroom and fires an auto-targeting missile at him. It turns out that her name is Bianca, and Eriko knows her from way back when. Bianca has come to Ryuji’s school to put him through examinations in order to be considered an “official” breaker.

My thoughts exactly
Just so you know, the black stick-figure there is supposed to be Ryuji. ...QUALITY.

Wacky hijinks ensue; mostly at Ryuji’s expense. After pretty much a whole day of tests and an interview, it’s finally time for the final test—an actual battle. Bianca sends a robotic golem after Ryuji, controlling it via a remote control. However, during the battle, the golem goes out of control and Ryuji and Rose are forced to team up to save the day.

even in context... this is still pretty gay
Some ghey for the ladies

I wonder if we'll get any more backstory from Rose other than just, "she hatched from an egg ryuji found like ten years ago"

My Opinion:

Kind of a slow episode this time around as it serves mainly just to introduce the new character Bianca. Bianca herself is an interesting enough character so far, at least.

Other than that, the episode also featured some Ryuji fanservice (for the ladies, though personally I was just kind of ehhhh); and Ryuji’s classmates got some of the spotlight too for once. There were many attempts of humor thrown in to make it less boring. Nothing I laughed at, but at least they tried.

There didn’t seem to be very many “important” plot points revealed in this one either, except for possibly one *spoiler*; but I’m pretty sure you could probably skip this episode and not miss too much. It’s a relaxing watch (as always with this series) and entertaining enough; but nothing really too exciting. Possibly the least remarkable episode for DC! so far, but that’s only in comparison to the others.

Out of five:

and 1/2 (can’t really give it any higher when compared to the past episodes)

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