…I love those snowmen. …Is the little >< one under Baka meant to be Kraft…?

Ah, Christmas Eve. The most romantic time of the year, according to analysis. Which makes it an optimal time for a visit from Princess Saki, from an alien race made entirely of females who reproduce only when their current leader cross-breeds with a male from a different species. The good news is they operate on a ‘love at first sight’ basis, so potentially any earth male is a ripe candidate for some alien lovin’. The bad news is that they tend to spread a virus that makes the entire population of their selected planet infertile (read: useless), causes them to destroy it and move on. Saki has her sights on some random guy (that wanted to take a friendship of another girl to the next level and was rejected), and when the two fall in love it’s up to Sade, Colin and Kraft to stop them in order to save humanity. But this random earth ‘boy’ may not be what he seems.

Yes she is an ant-woman. She’s quite cute though.

…Baka was perving on bugs mating, and that is all he does in the whole episode. Okay.

lol his straight face.

Normally I’d be a bit sceptical about an episode that doesn’t really feature Prince Baka at all (particularly when the preview last week didn’t look that interesting), but given that this episode instead gives spotlight to the royal guards, it’s a lot of fun. Kraft is great as a lead, and his no-nonsense approach to everything worked really well in a comedy sense. The third guard, Colin, also got to do more in this episode. Previously he was always kind of in the background but now we can see his personality a bit more, and he’s really rather adorable.
The episode is mostly concerned with Kraft and co’s (lulzy) attempts in deterring Saki from planet earth’s men, and then trying to keep her from the ‘man’ she eventually chooses. It’s all very amusing, but on Saki’s side of things there’s a sense of sweetness, despite the complete over-the-top nature of the whole thing. (Saki has an excuse for the whole love at first sight thing, but the other guy seemed pretty far-fetched, especially considering he was just abandoned by the girl he had a crush on). And yes, the major twist at the end of the episode is that the ‘earth male’ is actually a trans boy, something Saki did not know. I’m admittedly a bit skeptical as to how a comedy anime is going to handle that but I’ll have to wait until the next episode to see. In all it seems like a pretty interesting arc, and the fact that it’s set at a ski resort means lots and lots of gorgeous snow visuals. (the part where the two escape in the cable car up the mountain with the lights was just gorgeous). One can only wonder  what Baka is going to bring to this installment.

She’s much prettier without the derpy ant stuff.

best reaction pic

The fireworks and snow scenery were really gorgeous.

Out of 5,