Hetalia World Series Episode 46

Nice handwriting. Also this review was meant to go up earlier but there was a blackout here. 8|

It’s the 19th century again and America’s superior has ordered he go make some friends so that they can expand their whaling enterprises, which America misinterprets like a tard as to make friends with whales. Which he doesn’t succeed in because the whales don’t want to be his friends I guess. Anyway, he then goes in his black ships with Commodore Perry to Japan to make the hikkikomori open up his gates and allow trade and whaling with them, but Japan is a stubborn little socially awkward mess right now and does not want.

Big talk coming from England.
It's cool to see these guys in the anime at least.
Aizu just looks like Japan with sparklier eyes...but he is a part of Japan so -kayneshrug-

oh boy a whole episode about America and Japan, you just know this is going to be balls to the wall excitement all the way through. Luckily, Japan in this time period is pretty funny because he’s in his hikikkomori stage, but since we already had an episode about that it seems a little pointless to show it again (even if this fleshes it out more). An episode about the Black Ships coming ought to be interesting and funny, but Hetalia can’t seem to put Japan and America together without putting me to sleep. why are these two so boring together, they are not this boring alone. What does make the episode interesting is the inclusion of the personifications of different regions in Japan, which is fun. Himaruya actually has recently made personifications of Japan’s prefectures (and I am delighted to note that Fukuoka looks like a cool dude) so the episode seems quite timely. Too bad the rest isn’t all that interesting. According to all the America fans him wanting to make friends with whales is so wacky and kawaii desu but I personally find it neither endearing nor funny. Just another episode I’m going to forget about after I post this review, but oh well. Since the previous episodes were so awesome, I can forgive the inevitable boring one now and then.

lol at everyone coming out and posing on the sand.
nice nose.
Japan in a nutshell.

Out of 5, 1/2

3 thoughts on “Hetalia World Series Episode 46

  1. ChocolateEClaireHersheyKiss March 5, 2011 / 11:34 pm

    Yeah, I agree. Those Japan and America strips make me want to shoot myself. (I’m American) I guess it’s to show the difference between their cultures or something, but some of the things about America are kinda off. 😛 Like when Himuraya was talking about how “No health/home ec/PE classes in America is why everyone is fat” in one of the strips is completely untrue.

    • moeronpan March 6, 2011 / 5:47 am

      I still want to see this mythical strip because I don’t recall it at all. (or was it just something he said in a blog…?) Do you know where it is?

      • ChocolateEClaireHersheyKiss March 9, 2011 / 2:40 am

        I’m not sure, I was just looking on one of the sites that hosted that kind of stuff, and I came across a thing saying it. -shrug-

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