Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 9

dem backgrounds. Also it seems kind of obvious to say it but SPOILERS ARE IN THIS REVIEW.

With Sayaka’s soul now a witch, Kyouko has no choice but to fight her, whilst Madoka grieves. Kyuubey reveals his motives to her – how he merely wants to harvest the energy that is created when a puella magi becomes a witch (and his goal in getting Madoka to make a contract is merely that she would make the strongest witch), to counter the ‘entropy’ of the universe’s energy burning out. He casually explains to Madoka that his species do not have emotions or human concepts such as pity, however this does little to convince Madoka (and me) that he isn’t a total douchefuck.
When preparing to fight Sayaka’s witch Kyouko has the idea that if she hears Madoka’s voice, she may be ‘cured’, but her backup plan is sacrifice herself and bring the witch down with her.

So. much. angst.
hey remember the slightly bubbly girl in the first two episodes
Kyouko's got a pretty sweet pad actually.

Welp, this damn episode nearly made me cry. Kyouko had been rapidly growing on me these past few episodes, and this was the one where I really started to love her. I’m glad that at least she was able to go out with a bang so to speak, and had some of the most badass final moments in the spectrum of tragic anime deaths. I knew it was coming, this being Madoka Magica and all, but…but…dammit. I really didn’t want her to die.
People are starting to hate Kyuubey less after learning he doesn’t have emotions (and therefore apparently isn’t acting out of malice) but honestly. There are some things you should let people know before they sign a contract, ffs. The fact that he conveniently ‘forgot’ to tell the girls the contract would send them to their deaths is still pleeenty of reason for me to despise the little ass.
It’s now totally unlikely that Madoka would want to make that contract at all (I really have to laugh at all the promotional images that have her in a magical girl outfit all smiles and sparkles), unless she had no other choice. And considering that Homura is now the only Puella Magi still standing, and the dream sequence from the first episode, I imagine that’s going to happen pretty soon.

I really like this cap...
...I still dont get why SayakaWitch had a mermaid tail.
And so Pixiv exploded with yuri fanart.

Out of 5,

4 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 9

  1. Vampireslayer March 10, 2011 / 1:35 pm

    Well, with regards to the mermaid tail, from what I hear, the tail represents the story of the little mermaid ( no, not the Disney one) where the mermaid wants to be a human (because apparently mermaids have no souls) to be with a prince. She endures much pain to become human ( her feet will bleed when she walks, and she’s mute), but said prince rejects her for a princess (sounds familiar?).
    By the way, love your review of what is turning out to be possibly the sickest magical girl story ever!

    • moeronpan March 10, 2011 / 1:39 pm

      Wow, that’s actually really clever of them! I never realized.
      And thanks for the comment!

      • Vampireslayer March 10, 2011 / 3:59 pm

        No problem! But you know what makes this show sick?
        They all get their most happy moments, then it all goes downhill!
        Mami gets a partner? She’s over the moon, so estatic! And then she gets killed.
        Sayaka listening to her loved one playing the violin, thinking that she’s never been any happier at episode 5…then this happens!
        Sad stuff….
        Not to mention since episode 1, madoka has become so depressed…

  2. Dino December 11, 2011 / 11:28 pm

    this episode is my most favorite in puella magi madoka magica ever
    i like how kyoko feels about sayaka and want to bring her back….
    before she tried to kill her and enjoy to hurt her and sayaka really mad at her, however they become very close and understand each other in 1 second later….. i know they not fall in love, but when they r together.. they show their friendship and show how much they care friendship between them… that is why sayaka and kyoko r my favorite …. i am really sad that they r gone 😦

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