Dragon Crisis! Episode 9

Last review until next week, because of finals. That means I’ll have to do Gosick as a lump review again and possibly the next two DC! episodes. Anyway:

This painting isn't in any way creepy or unsettling at all!


Eriko has taken up “Lost Precious Appraising” in an attempt to get her treasure hunting organization appealed by the board. This results in a huge painting getting delivered to Ryuji’s house. Unfortunately, the painting is a cursed Lost Precious that traps girls, including Ai and Misaki, who had the misfortune to drop by Ryuji’s house that day.

Looks like pretty much all the girls have assembled...

Inside the painting, the girls find themselves in an abandoned U.S. town, with the word “liar” written everywhere. While trying to find an exit, they run into a crazy axe-wielding man and are forced to retreat into a mansion. They eventually find themselves inside a room with a mirror, and that’s when things really start getting crazy.

there's a reason why this episode is titled "mirror of truth"
Well, crazier than it has been so far, at least.

There is a spirit that “lives” inside the mirror, and all four girls have to answer each question the spirit gives truthfully, or else they’ll be turned into photographs and remain trapped within the painting for eternity. Interestingly, all of their answers relate to Ryuji in some way.

Hey now. >:/

Even though the girls answer honestly, the spirit seems unwilling to believe that women could ever tell the truth, and so re-manifests itself as the axe-wielding man and continues to give chase. During all this, Ryuji has been desperately trying to find a way to free the girls and; with some help from the scientist Bianca; is only able to finally accomplish this when the spirit attempts to drag Bianca into the painting also.

Eriko... I don't care too much for
I want a mini-Ai! And a mini-Rose! And a mini-Misaki!

And so, there is a happy ending—OR IS THERE?!

My Opinion:

I thought this episode was pretty neat. I’m not a huge fan for horror movies (which was what this episode was parodying), but the setting did remind me a lot of the Silent Hill series, which I’m sort of a fan of. (I’ve only seen Let’s Plays of SH games as I don’t own a TV game console, but that’s a whole different story)

Even so, the episode still managed to be creepy. Not extremely creepy (I’ve seen far worse), but still surprisingly unsettling for something from Dragon Crisis! Ryuji didn’t get to appear much in this episode, but I thought it was nice that there was more focus on the girls themselves without Ryuji being present. I’m also happy that Misaki is becoming more of a “main” character, because she’s one of my favorites of the series.

Although this episode is “scarier” than past DC! episodes, don’t expect too much in the way of action. There is some, but the psychological horror aspect takes much more importance here. But the one thing I’m most impressed with about this episode is the English because, holy cow, they actually used correct English! Okay, the English was all mundane words like “motel” and “gas station” etc, but hey; EFFORT!

One of the better and more interesting episodes, definitely; unless horror/lots of inner monologue-ing (from the characters) isn’t your thing.

Out of five:

I couldn't resist...

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