Holy geez why don’t I ever have any time nowadays. I’m going to be really busy with this first aid exam/course until this Thursday, and I have to manage to draw Southern Cross on top of that. Then there’s the two Level E episodes I haven’t reviewed, one of which I haven’t even had the chance to watch yet, and as selfish as it may sound to say it I’m kind of relieved in a way that Madoka Magica’s on a little hiatus. So…I’m skipping the review for World Series 47. Which is probably for the best, anyway, it’d just be my usual broken-record ‘why does everyone like America except me also America and Japan are so boring together and here even more than usual’ which no one really wants to read. All the same it’s not like I’m skipping it out of spite or anything, I just happen to be amazingly lazy. Let’s just say I’d have given it 2 and half melonpan and move on to episode 48.
Which just so happens to be the last episode. Counting seasons 1 and 2 (Axis Powers), this is Episode 100.


In this final(!) episode of Hetalia (which probably wont actually be the last anyway, there’s still a bonus episode and Deen actually said it was the last ‘for a while’ I see what they did there), Deen decides that it would be fitting to see the series off the way we all remembered it best. With everyone getting shipwrecked on THAT FUCKING ISLAND. Except, actually, it’s not that island, it’s the one island they get shipwrecked on that actually matters, the one that I was waiting for them to hurry up and get shipwrecked on ever since That Fucking Island became a thing. In other words, Seychelles! Seychelles finally appears in this episode. It really is a shame that…that’s…kind of all she really does though, just appear.
Anyway, before Seychelles makes her incredible three second debut, France thinks he is the only one shipwrecked and so fabs the place up a bit before Italy suddenly appears and offers to help him out, despite being an enemy, because Italy’s just so sweet like that. He takes him back to where Germany was, also on the island, only to find him under ‘attack’ by England and Russia.
To finish, for the three thousandth time Deen show off their amazing grasp of the calendar year with another Christmas related skit; a rather sweet one about how the German and English forces stopped shooting at each other on Christmas Day in order to play soccer.

I was kind of disappointed that the Italian wasn't actually spoken, whereas the French was.

A really sweet one >:C

I lold so hard at Russia's Poke Attack.

Surprisingly, this was actually a pretty good place to end a series of Hetalia, even if Japan, America and China arent around. And Seychelles popping up was almost as if to say “Hey you like her? GO BUY THE PSP GAME NOW KTHNX”. She really…doesn’t do anything though, besides wonder wtf is going on at her place. But, seeing as she wonders aloud, she actually does get a voice and it’s a really cute one that suits her a lot. I really like Seychelles and will fight anyone who calls her a Sue (I mean seriously, what? Just because she’s the lead in Gakuen Hetalia? Whatever.) but I’m just so enraged by Deen white-washing her. (hence the Deen Fail tag) Her lovely dark skin is part of her damn character design and she just looks bizarre without it. And as much as I want to play the game (I will get it eventually), I’ll rage the whole way through it because of this. Besides that, there’s sadly not all that much to say about Seychelles in this episode other than the fact that she was in it.
The Christmas/soccer strip is really lovely and I’m glad to see it get animated at last. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t something unique to just the German and English soldiers, I’ve heard of it happening between other forces as well. (I’m sure I remember learning about the Australian/New Zealand ANZAC troops actually having dinner together with the enemies) It’s kind of lol that England’s soccer/foot ball is completely historically inaccurate though.
Mostly I just can’t believe there’s been 100 episodes now. (nor can I believe that in these 100 episodes they still never got to Russia and the faucet or ninja-Japan..)

Her face when she realizes this is her entire appearance.


Playing soccer/football in the snow seems like it would be rather difficult, though...

Out of 5,

Technically, World Series ends here. However, there is one more bonus episode about the Nordics that comes out in two weeks or so….so even though I should do it here, I’m going to do the series overview on the end of the review for that one.