Eriko REALLY LOVES her beer...

Episode 10 Summary:

Ryuji and the girls (Eriko, Rose, Ai, and Misaki) happen to meet yet another dragon while on a camping trip. The new dragon is a blue dragon, and her name is Sapphire. She vows revenge against Ryuji for defeating Onyx before, saying that Onyx is her “lover.” However, she’s mostly all talk as her powers are nowhere near powerful enough to actually do much harm. Around this time, Misaki’s finally let in on the secret that Rose is actually a dragon, and Ai is actually a wolf/human hybrid. Fortunately, she seems pretty cool with both these things, and vows to keep their true identities a secret.

Sapphire's pretty cute, actually.

Awwww, Misaki.

At school, Misaki and Rose have become good friends, much to the amazement of Mao, who’s still rabidly shipping Misaki with Ryuji. As Rose makes her way home after school, she ends up meeting Sapphire, who attempts an epic duel with Rose. This obviously backfires and Sapphire becomes friends with Rose instead, telling her about a few dragon rituals–one of which is the “coming of age” ritual.

Rose is adorable in this shot.

All Rose has to do to complete it is get Ryuji to kiss her hand where her dragon scales are. After Ryuji actually does this, however; Rose starts acting… strange. Well, strange for “Rose.” What happens is that Rose begins acting more “normal”–more like a girl in love. Unfortunately, this ends up opening a rift in the relationship between Rose and Ryuji…

Episode 11 Summary:

...Pretty much.

Rose continues acting weird after undergoing the “ritual,” which causes Ryuji to realize that he might also share some of the same feelings for her. Unfortunately, Rose’s condition gets worse and Ryuji and co. and the Society are at a loss on what to do. This leads to a meeting with Onyx’s hologram (via Lost Precious) where Onyx reveals that Ryuji isn’t just a mere human…

Maruga cameo!

In the end, Ryuji finally gives up Rose to Onyx out of desperation, since Onyx says that he’ll cure her. And so, Ryuji goes back to living a somewhat normal school life… except something is missing. Even Misaki can tell that Ryuji’s upset. Ryuji has basically given up all hope of being with Rose… when he finds Maruga at his doorstep one afternoon after walking home from school.

My Opinion:

These last two episodes were really well done in my opinion. Since the anime’s close to wrapping up, you can expect a lot of plot and a huge dose of character development within these episodes. Fortunately, it’s handled in a way that doesn’t feel rushed or crammed in at the last minute. You see how brief my summary for episode 11 is? That’s because not too much happened, but far from being boring, the episode managed to have a powerful emotional impact.

The thing that DC! does, and does really well, is making their episodes full of emotion. Sure, there might be comedy, and there might be action, and there may be a few instances of fanservice here and there; but when strong emotions need to be conveyed, DC! is adept at doing so without coming off as fake or overly cheesy or dramatic.

Also, HOLY CRAP PLOT TWIST! I won’t say what it is, and it’s probably pretty predictable to anyone but me; but I was surprised. (The spoiler is why I had to censor Maruga’s cap…)

Anyway, the last episode for Dragon Crisis! is coming up. With the way the anime has gone so far, and it’s current popularity (not much), I doubt that there’d be a second season, even though the light novels are still on-going. That’s quite a shame, since I really would have liked to see more of the cast (and DC! has a HUGE cast). Ah well, as long as things are wrapped up nicely, I won’t complain.

Episode 10 gets out of five:

and 1/2

Episode 11 gets: