Episode 9 continues the story from episode 8 after the revelation that the ‘boy’ Princess Saki had chosen, Mikihasa, was actually trans boy. Seemingly distraught, Saki leaves at once, and Kraft thinks they’ve gotten rid of her and saved Earth for good. However, sex-change surgery is no biggie for this alien race, and Saki isn’t going to let anything so trivial stand in her way. When she successfully kidnaps Mikihasa and messes with his genes, erases his memory and then sets him back on earth so they can have their ‘fateful encounter’ again, Kraft and co need help, and they find it in an unlikely place…from Prince Baka.

dat outfit

Something really bittersweet about this.

I was surprised at how heartfelt this episode was in places, particularly in how it gave so much emotional stock to the otherwise throwaway character Mikihasa.In the last episode I was worried they were going to exploit his situation for cheap cross-dresser laughs, but his case is handled with a surprising amount of dignity, even devoting time to flashback showing how he was bullied for being ‘gross’ or ‘unnatural’. Even if the whole love story between him and Princess Saki is kind of really dumb, and the episode would be pretty boring if it was just them angsting all over the place.
Luckily it’s not, and Baka as usual is the highlight. Not quiet as usual, however, is how endearingly childish and almost caring he was here. Plus he saves the earth with minimum (if any) trolling, who saw that coming. This episode’s main problem, however, is the (frankly) ludicrous conclusion (I KNOW WE’LL MAKE A CLONE OF MIKIHASA) that just…abruptly ended the whole mini-arc. It was a little anti-climatic.

Sade be my waifu.

wait what


Out of 5,


I spent an awfully long time convinced this was Baka in drag.

In Episode 10, the Colour Rangers are facing a bit of turmoil amongst each other when it becomes known that Shimizu and his family are moving to the US and he puts on a show of not caring. Meanwhile, a mermaid alien has been captured by some yakuza aliens who are using her in a racket – they sell her for a high price, she kills her new owner, rinse and repeat. Her species has a self-defense mechanism that results in the instant death of anyone who tells a lie to her, but she is unaware of the devices the yakuza are using to mask their lies. Shimizu finds her injured, and the Colour Rangers have to save the day.


…this guy looked like an evil Gokudera, which was kind of lol to me.

To put it bluntly, this episode kind of sucked. It has a pretty decent premise and all, but the Colour Rangers and the curious lack of Prince Baka ruined it. Level E has shown that an episode can stand on its own without Baka’s involvement, but this one just didn’t work. There’s also the fact that the Colour Rangers part seemed way more like a totally cheesy saturday morning cartoon than the deadpan parody of a totally cheesy saturday morning cartoon it was before. The fight scene between them and the yakuza aliens was particularly stupid. What happened? :/
What’s interesting though is how the episode suddenly veered into Serious Business territory at the end. When the mermaid learns the truth – that the yakuza aliens lied about the safety of her friends and that they were surely dead, there’s no saturday morning cartoon forgiveness and the bad guys learning the error of their ways. She shoots them in the head with a gun at the drop of a hat. It was a pretty awesome moment, really, and the whiplash mood of it makes the episode pretty interesting just for that…but it’s still not really enough to carry the rest.
On the plus side the preview for episode 11 had Yukitaka yayayayayayay finally.

…also if all your friends died why would you get rid of your only photo of them.

Out of 5,