Rose...! D:


Onyx has given Rose “medicine” that erases most of her memories including those of Ryuji. Saphie is upset about this and feels that it is mostly her fault since she forced Rose to go through the “coming of age” ritual. Kai (Onyx’s henchwoman) informs Saphie that they are all leaving Japan the next day.

I rather liked Saphie's design--it's a shame she didn't get to do very much.

Meanwhile, Maruga has a long talk with Ryuji, where she tells him that everything Onyx said before was probably a lie in order get Rose back. Around this time, Ryuji finally comes to terms with his feelings towards Rose. With Ryuji’s confidence restored, Maruga helps Ryuji and co. to put a plan into action to rescue Rose.

I loved everything about this scene. THAT LIGHTING.

I said before that I didn't like Maruga too much, but she's grown on me.

The next night, Ryuji and co. successfully hijack the private jet that Onyx and his gang are on. Ryuji is able to reunite with Rose, who has regained her memory with help from Saphie. Onyx is obviously upset by these turn of events and so tries carrying the plane while in his dragon form. Ryuji and Rose are able to stop him with THE POWER OF LOVE a “Love Engage” and Onyx is once again defeated.

Geeze Onyx, can you ever not be such a creep? :/ It's bad enough that your fiance Saphie looks like a 14 year old girl.

Look who finally decided to show up!

Awww Bianca looks adorable here!

And so, things go back to somewhat normal. Ryuji and Rose are back in school, but it appears that Saphie and Kai have decided to stick around for awhile too. However, it is apparent that at least one big thing has changed—Ryuji’s and Rose’s relationship.

It's been such a long time since we've seen genki!Rose.

Kai why are YOU the teacher?!

My Opinion:

Oooooh boy, this episode… Where to begin, where to begin…

I thought this episode was pretty good overall, except for one certain scene which I’ll get to later. Once again, DC! proves its strength in the emotion department. I really loved the first half of the episode where Ryuji struggles to admit his true feelings for Rose.

I’m also glad that Deen at least seemed to put a decent amount of EFFORT into this episode. I found the animation, backgrounds, etc. to be a bit higher quality than in previous episodes—as it should be, since this is the final one.

However, many people thought this episode bombed in a few ways. The main consensus was that this episode felt too rushed—which I have to agree. This episode would have benefited from being at least a two episode finale instead of one. I really kind of wanted to see an EPIC FINAL BATTLE between Ryuji and Onyx, but nope. Which brings me to the next point which people were really upset about.

For a brief moment, Dragon Crisis! was a mahou shojo anime.

With the episode being as rushed as it was, I knew that there would be some kind of duex ex machina but HOLY CRAP I didn’t expect it to be in the form of a GIANT PINK HEART OF DOOM. Many people thought it was “retarded” and were really effing pissed about it. I personally thought it was hilarious. (I can’t be the only one who thought that Onyx getting defeated by the sheer power of LOVE was fittingly ironic) However, I do agree that it was really ridiculous and utterly cheesy, and kind of wished that Deen would have found some other way to make a “Love Engage” that wasn’t just a giant pink heart. Because (unless it was in the novels to begin with), that’s just lazy.

Overall, this series has been an enjoyable watch for me. It’s definitely not *AMAZING*, but it’s a little better than your average anime. As I said before, I think this is most likely a definite end for the DC! anime even though the light novels are still ongoing. There just doesn’t seem to be enough popularity for DC! for there to be a second season; which is sort of a shame.

Anyway, I was going to give this episode only a three out of five rating because of the HEART scene; but I really liked everything up to that point and thought lowering its rating simply because of a 30 second scene was a bit harsh sooooo…

Out of five for this episode (ignoring the silly duex ex machina):

Overall rating for this whole series:

and 1/2