I make this mistake all the time.

Finaly, it’s back to Yukitaka, who along with his baseball team is off to the regional qualifying game. However, en route, their bus is mysteriously transported somewhere else…what appears to be inside the Koushien (the most famous and high-ranked baseball stadium in Japan. Impressive, but not their destination). They soon realize that they are not ‘really’ there…they’re actually all stuck in somebody’s dream, and they’re all going to be in big trouble if they can’t bust out of there before the big game starts in the real world.
‘Luckily’ for Yukitaka, Prince Baka had stowed away in the luggage compartment of the bus…

...I love this guy. He's so cute when he's not pretending to be dead.

well hello there

I still wish the whole show was this :C


I was so damn glad to see Yukitaka again. I honestly think that his interaction with Baka is the best thing in this whole series…it’s the reason I fell in love with it in the first place and I was really disappointed that he suddenly disappeared for the middle part. I kind of think the whole series should have just been about Baka, Miho and Yukitaka being bros and frenemies but that’s just me. (I don’t hate the colour rangers but honestly even their fans have to admit episode 10 was pretty damn bad)
Anyway, this episode really didn’t disappoint…which is quite a feat for an episode entirely about baseball. I said in the review for that one Ika Musume episode that Japan seems to be unhealthily obsessed with putting Baseball Episodes in their anime, no matter how little the anime has to do with baseball. (Hell there’s a One Piece baseball GBA game, even.) Maybe it’s because the baseball actually had something to do with the setting, maybe it was the supernatural element involved, but this is one baseball episode that wasnt really boring to me. In fact, the low part was actually the level of disbelief that needed to be suspended. People being trapped inside a dream just doesn’t seem like something in a scifi series (unless it was the work of an alien or machine that specializes in trapping people in dreams. Which it wasn’t btw), it was a fantasy element that kind of seemed out of place. And the example they gave of that english family (…did this even happen? because really.) was kind of wat. But hey. Baka and Yukitaka are interacting again and being all kinds of lolarious and that is Fine By Me.
I’m even more excited for the next episode, actually, preview looked pretty interesting. Although it’s sad to think that Level E will be ending soon. It turns out the manga is only like somethingteen chapters in total – much shorter than I thought. (Speaking of which, I’ve had a peek at it here and there, and although I’m in the Unpopular Opinions Camp in saying this I honestly prefer the anime. I suppose if I’d read the manga first I might enjoy it more…I just think the comedic timing comes across as better in the anime. I’d still like to read the manga in its entirety at least. One good thing about adapting a manga over 15 years old is that you don’t have to worry about the ending being different.

....if this is how this random girls' parents arguing looks to her I think she needs help.


yeah don't think I want to venture any further into those depths. (also I thought it was Kraft)

..since when did he have muscles.

Out of 5,