Hetalia World Series Bonus (End) (AKA Hetalia episode 101)


this puffin is my spirit animal.

This is a special bonus episode of Hetalia (but not an OAD like the Fandisc episode)…as to why it’s considered a bonus instead of part of the actual series I really don’t know. But it’s an entirely Nordic-centered episode that adapts the strips about Iceland getting the results of his DNA test back, to find out if he was related to Norway. Apparently, for a long time the theory was that the people of Iceland descended from indigenous monks, but it has recently come to light that the original ‘settlers’ of Iceland were Norweigan. Which means that, in Hetalia-sense, Norway is Iceland’s older brother, as the DNA test reveals. The whole episode is the Nordics talking about this, Norway wanting Iceland to call him ‘oniichan’ and Iceland being all tsundere about it.

I love Finland's dorky vest.


Puffin looks real sad about this.


More paintings of nothing!
Norway seems to look better than he did the last time he appeared.

I really expected this to get animated sooner, but here it is finally. Even though the synopsis doesn’t sound like it makes for particularly riveting material, this is a cute, pleasant little episode about the Nords being bros and that’s Ok with me. This is the strip that made me love Iceland and Norway, after all, and he comes across as just as cute in the anime. I also want to say I absolutely love their voices, and something about the delivery of the lines makes this more fun than it was in the manga.
It’s a very moe episode, the entire thing centering around the word ‘oniichan’ after all, so it’s probably a pretty polarizing one. What is insanely cute to me is, of course, incredibly boring to other people, but whatever.  While the art was decent for the most part, Finland definitely went off-model near the start and seemed to have Russia’s nose. It was…weird and kind of unsettling.
Anyway, this was some fluffy cute stuff, but there’s also really not that much else to say on the matter other than This Episode Was Cute And Pleasant To Me.

Norway looks so cute here hngh
Norway's voice here...pfft

Out of 5,

Final Thoughts
My Final Thoughts for Hetalia are usually always pretty much the same, but anyway: like the first two seasons of Axis Powers and the first season of World Series, this was a mixed bag. What made it ‘interesting’ (for both good and bad) was how it seemed to be on some kind of quest to animate nearly everything Himaruya had drawn, whether it was the kind of thing that should be animated or not. (The good=Nekotalia.  The bad=those freaking ‘punchline’ things.) While I did like Nekotalia, it’s also annoying that they chose to do this rather than animating the actual strips that haven’t been animated yet, because there are still a lot, including ones in the actual ‘main storyline’. Seriously, we got through 101 episodes of Hetalia without the one about Russia and the pipe, and Japan’s general (ninja) distrust of him? That kind of thing needed to be animated a lot more than the 3 millionth ‘nihon-kun and america-kun’ strip. But, the thing is, Deen are pretty sneaky. They didn’t announce a season 5, but their choice of words was pretty interesting when they said that this special episode would be the last of Hetalia “for a while”. Personally, I’m hoping for more OADs, especially if it can get some of the more risque content animated, or specials like Buon San Valentino. But whatever happens, I hope the anime takes a break. Hetalia’s always been the major draw for viewers on my blog, but I think a long break is just what the anime needs, enough to get Himaruya time to draw more strips with newer characters. (Like Australia hinthinthint) Speculation aside, I enjoyed the Second World Series, even if I spent a lot of the time raging at things in it, I still had a lot of fun with it. It wasn’t perfect, but Deen never are. Out of 5,


3 thoughts on “Hetalia World Series Bonus (End) (AKA Hetalia episode 101)

  1. china93 August 7, 2011 / 4:29 am

    I really like this episode. Iceland really is kind of weird, and Norway is so scary when he emits those vibes!

  2. Luna November 22, 2011 / 4:12 pm

    Dude, i LOVE this episode, but i cant help but rant when it comes to Finland!
    Gosh!! his FACE! the anime fudged it up!! hes only cute as a chibi! thats it! other than that, his face looks so long!! AND HIS EYES!! Why are thaey BROW?! TT.TT im so sorry Su-san, they messed up your cute little wife!

    If you look at the manga, hes so cute and round faced!:

  3. Claire August 30, 2012 / 12:16 pm

    Have you heard about season 5 finally coming out? Will you review those episodes?

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