Woooo it’s New Anime Season Time! Although I have to get these last reviews out of the way first.


In Level E’s final arc, Baka has come to crash at Yukitaka’s in order to hide from two aliens who have come to earth for him – one is his older brother, and one is Princess Luna from Dogura’s orbiting moon Magura, who is his betrothed. If Luna marries Baka, he will become the king of Dogura…something that most people of Dogura really, really don’t want (including, of course, Kraft). Luckily for them, Baka doesn’t really want to get married either because he believes being a king will restrict his freedom with too many boring obligations. Thus Yukitaka, Baka and Kraft/Sade/Colin actually end up working together…

dem shades.

Capped mainly for the guards' lulzy faces.


It seems that pretty much any series that deals with royalty in some way has to include an arc about a royal wedding, but Level E’s one is played out pretty interestingly. It’s a two-episode affair that also ends the series, and it weaves its narrative quite well. There are a lot of twists in the plot with everyone trolling each other and getting outtrolled in a manner that is almost Death Note-esque in its execution, only without any of the unintentionally hilarious drama of Death Note.
Luna and Baka’s brother seem like pretty boring characters when they are introduced, which was my main complaint, but more on that in the episode 13 review part. What starts as a typical ‘royal wedding’ kind of arc quickly goes off into a different direction when we see just how planned out things were (even from the events in the first episode!)
What makes this (and the next) episode so enjoyable is having Baka, the earthlings (Yukitaka and Miho) , and the Dogurians (Baka’s guards) actually working together instead of wanting to kill each other. (Well, kill Baka anyway). There’s also Sade and how awesome he is. I’m really going to miss this guy. A lot of things about his personality were never explored that much, so it seems that his fascination with insects came out of absolutely nowhere.
The real fun starts in the second half of the arc, though.

hnnnnngh little!luna

Sade just. Just be my waifu.

Out of 5:

Episode 13

wait just one second Baka at one point looked like a superhot Germany? Awesome.

Two major twists are now revealed: the two aliens may not actually be Luna and Baka’s brother, but imposters from a Magurian alliance that fight to be free of the subordinate position their planet(well, moon) has to Dogura, which they believe they will achieve if Baka marries the imposter instead of the real princess. The other twist being that Colin, the youngest of Baka’s royal guards, was working for them all along!
With the entire planet earth covered in a shield to prevent Baka’s escape and everyone’s movements and conversations being traced, how can Baka manage to outsmart them this time? Who will be the Master Troll in the end?

woah Sade that face is creepy.


I recently rewatched The Lion King so this made me lol so much.

And so Level E comes to a close – with a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns and guessing games. For a final episode, it’s quite fitting and a really good episode in its own right too. The only problems with it are just in regards to it being the last episode.
I only recently found out that Level E only has like 3 volumes, and so this episode is the real end and not the end of a first season. No more Level E, ever. That concept makes me sad enough, but it’s also a huge shame due to the fact that this colourful cast of characters never got to be fully explored.
We know Prince Baka is a prankster and a master troll, but thinking back, there weren’t a lot of examples of this. It was just something we seemed to know. I would love for this series to be longer and for there to be more mini-arcs where Baka gets to troll and outsmart. The ultimate reveal at the end of this episode (a great twist which, contrary to my initial opinion of Luna being a little dull, makes me think that she may be a great match for Baka after all. Too bad Baka’s brother is still kind of boring though.) just would have carried more weight this way, I feel.
Just one other thing. …Do ‘excretions from earth insects’ actually corrode metal? :/
Anyway, it’s a fun end to a fun series, and now I need to read the manga.

I love insane-Kraft.

look at this beautiful bastard.

I legit got all teary seeing this;;

Out of 5,

Final Thoughts:
Level E taught me a valuable lesson about not judging an anime by its ‘key art’/promotional image, which…kind of has nothing to do with the anime at all (seriously. Although the same could be said about the original manga covers too, what gives?) It’s an anime I came really close to not watching (I never have time to sample everything in a new anime season after all), but I’m so glad I found that time.  After Puella Magi Madoka Magica, this was my favourite in the season, and Prince Baka my favourite character of that season.
The downside of Level E is that it’s almost a ‘donut series’…as in one where the best episodes are at the start and end, while the middle is less stellar. Not to say there weren’t flashes of brilliance in these middle episodes, they just seemed like filler and were often pretty silly. (I still don’t really ‘get’ the Colour Rangers) I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; this series would really be so much better if the whole thing was about the Baka/Yukitaka/Miho trio (plus Baka’s guards). To have the focus shift so suddenly was weird, but I do have a theory as to why it happened. Level E was originally serialized in Shonen Jump, and perhaps the popularity slipped so Togashi was trying to broaden the appeal. A further slip in popularity would also account for its untimely end. I really do think this series ended prematurely. These characters just have so much more potential to be fleshed out, and I’m actually rather sad that I’ll never see this happen unless Togashi decides he wants to revive a 15 year old manga (and considering how his work on HunterxHunter seems to progress I really wouldn’t hold my breath on that). And it’s not just more examples of Baka-trolling I want to see, it’s things about Dogura, more about Baka’s role as prince and how he acted there, his childhood, his relationship with Kraft… and all this gets all the more saddening to me by how almost non-existent the fandom for this is. I’ve only found the existence of one doujinshi so far and it’s from 1997.
But for what it was, Level E was a great scifi comedy with an interesting blend of styles and humour types that more people should (or ‘should have’, to talk in past tense about the manga) pay attention to. Out of 5,