A First Impression: Hen Zemi Episode 1


Matsutaka Nanako is just your average shy girl who is taking a special seminar class solely because the guy she likes is in it.
Except the guy she likes is a sexual deviant and the seminar class is the ‘Abnormal Psychology’ class, the Hen Zemi, short for Hentai Seminar. She and the oddball students get to learn and study all kinds of acts of perversion, but is Nanako really cut out for the class?

uh...right there?

Um. Yeeeeah. This.
This is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, for better or worse. I was expecting ‘wtf’, and what I got was ‘wtf’. However I was also expecting this to be set up in a pseudo-educational way with excerpts from the ‘class’ itself, but there’s none of that in this episode at least, just insight into the papers and assignments that the Hen Zemi students undertake. It’s kind of fascinatingly terrible to the extent that it’s actually pretty humorous – and the juxtaposition of the innocent Nanako who tries so hard to be perverted but just isn’t perverted enough (to the extent that she is in danger of being failed) even moreso. (But for the life of me I can’t figure out what someone like Nanako sees a guy like Komugi who wears his perversion on his sleeve.)
I actually really like the art in this, and Nanako and Makiko are supercute. Each episode is also only about 10-12 minutes long, which seems to work in its favour. As for the content, well. If adults in a supermoe cherubic style talking about smelling their farts in the bath and urinating in public sounds like a rollicking good time to you, then I recommend this whole-heartedly. As for me, I don’t really know how I feel, the series is just so weird it’s hard to even form an opinion at all. I don’t dislike it, at any rate, but I really don’t know how they could turn an idea that’s amusing in theory into a whole series without it quickly getting stale. At the very least, now I can no longer unthink that if I touch someone’s hand I am indirectly touching their genitals.

...she's really really cute though hngh.

Out of 5,

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