Daw such a cutie even when she's about to smash your face with a pipe.

It was just an ordinary day at school for 14-year-old Ganta , until a strange ‘red man’ suddenly appears outside the class window, kills everyone except him, and implants some strange thing inside him. That, however, is only the beginning…when Ganta wakes up he is accused for the murder of his classmates and put on death row. He is sent to the Deadman Wonderland, a frankly disturbing dystopian combination theme park/prison where all the attractions are staffed by the condemned, whose job it is to entertain. There, he meets the mysterious girl Shiro…

I'm not sure I like her clothing choice though.

Possibly the most hyped up for this season, Deadman Wonderland doesn’t disappoint and delivers pretty solidly in terms of writing, art and intrigue. The manga of this is pretty popular, but I actually didn’t know anything about it before I watched it, and when I did I was really drawn in. The story had barely started, and yet I was already able to feel the emotion that came across when Ganta is accused of murdering his friends. I know next to nothing about this kid but he already feels quite real. Shiro seems interesting so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story is going with these two.
The main problem could be said to be the suspension of disbelief required…firstly Ganta’s ridiculously unfair trial. (even if they had fake evidence, they didn’t exactly show that until after he’d been convicted…). However, it could possibly be a comment on Japan’s law system in general. (After doing a class on this I can say that it’s…it’s pretty extreme, prosecutors there have something like a 97% conviction rate so it really makes you wonder how many people are falsely accused). Then there’s the Deadman Wonderland itself. I get that this is a dystopian world, but what kind of person wants to take their children to a theme park staffed by criminals? How has this place not gone out of business? Perhaps that is another mystery in the plot.
There’s a heavy, gritty Battle Royale vibe here, with the collars the criminals have to wear, despicable adult characters, etc. In all it’s a great (if somewhat perplexing) first episode that is hopefully a sign of a great series. I’ll be watching more and probably blogging it if I have time.

The megane girl is cute but wow that other woman is a total bitch.

Out of 5,