A First Impression: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Episode 1

(To be honest, she kind of annoys me)

(Or ‘electromagnetic wave woman and youthful man’). Makoto Niwa has just moved to the big city from the country to live with his slightly eccentric aunt Meme. However, even though she told him she lives alone, when he gets there he is puzzled by the strange girl with a futon wrapped around her upper body and head, whom Meme seems determined to ignore. She says the girl is his cousin, but the girl herself – Erio – only spouts scientific nonsense whilst insisting she is an alien (or ‘half-alien’.)

hnnngh he's like a more moe Mikado.

Welp, SHAFT have done it again. I actually didn’t know this was SHAFT for some reason before I watched it and didn’t really have any major expectations for it, so this was a pleasant surprise. Right from the delightfully quirky opening, this show is superbly animated with crisp, bright colours and flowing moments. It all looks pretty spectacular, although I can’t help but wonder how long the budget for it will last, given SHAFT’s track record with this kind of thing.
The plot sounds ridiculous and potentially dull but it’s all delivered in a very quirky manner that makes it very interesting to watch – whether it’s the artistic camera angles, gorgeous backgrounds or even the characters themselves. The dialogue is pretty rapid-fire, so the whole show is quite wordy meaning those who don’t like that kind of thing might get bored (think Bakemonogatari, although perhaps to a lesser extent). Erio also has a gorgeous character design, the sort you just know is going to be incarnated into 3 million figurines, which I’m eagerly awaiting. To be honest she actually kind of annoyed me at first (her voice is adorable but almost gratingly so, and the way she whinges sometimes will set a few nerves on edge.)but she’d grown on me by the end of the episode.
I’m definitely going to watch this one, and blog it too.

Haha, cheese. I like how they didn't forget about it.

Out of 5,

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