This things design cracks me up.

(“I’m calling you, Azazel-san”.) Detective Akutabe runs an agency where he summons demons to solve the problems of his clients…for better or worse. One of his main ‘servants’ was the so-called ‘demon of lust’, Azazel…a crude and rude guy who delights in sexual harassment. After dealing with a certain client Akutabe dissolves the contract and instead eternally binds Azazel to his hapless assistant Rinko.

Am I the only one who thinks Rinko looks like Mari from Evangelion?

The first thing I thought while watching this was “wow, I really like the visual style and animation, it looks so quirky and great”. The second thing I thought was “…FRANCE IS THAT YOU!?” And yes, Azazel is voiced by Masaya Onosaka and he literally sounds exactly like France. Considering that he is a super-perverted ‘demon of lust’, this makes the whole show way, way funnier to me than it was already. (I only found out later that Akutabe was Daisuke Namikawa, though, and feel bad for not being able to recognize the voice of my favourite seiyuu straight away. His voice is amazingly versatile though…)
Even without that, I found this show really funny and it looks like it could be a contender for the comedy hit of the season. This episode is really only setting things up (whilst giving us plenty of opportunity to see the characters personalities) so I can’t wait to see what’s in store later and how the comedy holds up. It’s also only 10-12 minutes long so it’s an easily digestible bit of fun. I’m quite interested in blogging this one.

Poor Rinko....that looked like it hurt.

Out of 5,