On a particularly rainy day, Kanako, Matsurika, Mariya, Ryuuken and the dorm mistress entertain themselves with their own personal card games, most of which are quite unconventional. Kanako’s wishing that she had her own card game somehow calls forth Father Kanae who is determined to play his own card game with her.
Next is a segment about the dichotomy between Mariya and Kanako’s halves of the room – Mariya’s is elegant and clean whilst Kanako’s is dirty, and she believes this is because Mariya has Matsurika to clean for her whilst she has no maid of her own. Mariya decides to be ‘nice’ by arranging a certain someone to help clean Kanako’s part of the room.
And lastly, talk of special gifts for getting good marks in a test, ranging from new glasses lenses to Sachi’s insistence to own everything ever in case it comes in handy one day.



That subtitle sums Maria+Holic up perfectly.

While I thought this episode, despite being an improvement over episode 1, still didn’t quite have the sparkĀ  of the season 1 episodes, there is definitely a lot to like in this one. Firstly there’s Ryuuken. I really liked her in season 1 so it was kind of annoying that she kind of disappeared after the first few episodes. It’s nice to have her back, especially that she gets a bit of spotlight on her too. And then of course there’s Father Kanae, my favourite character in this whole show and a huge reason as to why I even wanted a second series in the first place. As usual, he’s hilariously deadpan and his habit of his thoughts literally flying out of his head is still there, as is Kanako’s nonsense screaming whenever he approaches her.
The major impression I got from this episode was that it was very Zetsubou-sensei-esque in that there were shorter segments with a focus on something rather odd. This could be an interesting format for Maria+Holic, but I hope the content will continue to improve. Minus Kanae’s parts this episode was still in the ‘ok’ zone for me mostly…but Kanae, as well as the ‘Do your best, Father Kanae!’ segment after the credits (which I so hope will be a regular feature), gives this one a high grade for me. (as for the other bonus section I don’t even know, but that’s nothing new with Maria+Holic really)

hnnnnngh Kiri-moe

Can Sachi get any cuter I mean really.

Life's Biggest Questions, starring Father Kanae.

Out of 5,