Just like me!

Due to all the impromptu tea-parties in Kanako and Mariya’s room, Kanako has put on weight and can no longer fit into the outfit she had picked out for ‘finding love’. Thus she begins an insanely dangerous dieting regime, helped along by other people’s absurd suggestions, to shed what she had gained. The effects are far more frightening than anyone foresaw, though.

What chefs look like, apparently.

hnnngh Sachi

Dark Kanako was hilariously terrifying.

Good news everyone! Maria+Holic is now back in its groove again and I really loved this episode. It’s actually quite surprising seeing as this episode had such a basic plot – by all accounts, it really should have dragged on and lost its charm quickly but it didn’t at all. It was filled with the things I love about this show, ‘Kanako-logic’, absurdity, parody, dorm-mistress being frightening, Father Kanae being Father Kanae, etc etc.  In a way, it’s similar to the finale of season 1 where Kanako hatches all those plots to keep her iron levels up, although I do think that episode was much funnier overall.
My favourite parts of the episode were firstly when Kanako, whilst starving herself, feels blessed for not being able to understand what foods Mariya and the council President are arguing about as they are too fancy and thus she can’t feel hungry from hearing them (only to be thwarted by Ryuuken who starts explaining them in detail). Secondly, Kanako’s metamorphosis into a creepy monster in the night, whose discovery is played out like a horror anime. That whole segment was quite brilliantly done.
And yes, Father Kanae’s “do your best” segment is at the end of the episode again so I’m pretty excited for it being a regular thing. He must be a much more popular character than I thought. The other bonus segment is amusingly enough Horatio from CSI, sunglasses-putting-on and all. Some memes are just universal it seems.

Me and Kanako often think alike.

I will probably try to cap Kanae every episode, no matter what.


Out of 5,