Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Episodes 2 and 3


These episodes mostly centre around Makoto getting to know Erio better, as well as the introduction of two other girls. Firstly, there’s Ryuuko, who is basically Minorin from Toradora only more moemoedesudesu (turns out I’m not the only blogger to think this either), an eccentric young girl who befriends Makoto…kind of out of nowhere. Then there’s Maekawa, who is also eccentric in another way while at least pretending to be down-to-earth, and who seems to like working different jobs that require her to wear different silly outfits. (she’s the one in the opening dressed as an octopus.)
As for Erio, she’s still deadset on believing herself to be an alien, but with Meme’s help Makoto gets to know more about her. Apparently she had been missing for a year and was found floating in the sea later with significant memory loss. For the time being, it would appear her alien tendencies and futon-hiding is some kind of strange coping device for something, but what? By the end of episode 3 it also seems as though she may be ready to accept the fact that she really is only human.

I love how Ryuuko looks, even if I don't really know if I like her or not.
Maekawa's my fave.
I want a jellyfish futon D:
Maekawa is the coolest.

This show is kind of difficult. After 3 episodes, I’m still not even sure what I really think of it. It’s gorgeous to look at, and the first two episodes in particular look amazing, with a much higher frame rate than is the norm for SHAFT. I was worried that such high production values earlier on wouldn’t last, and judging by the overall quality of episode 3…I think I’m right. There’s a pretty big quality-shift in terms of animation in episode 3 – it’s not awful by any means and there’s still a lot of scenes that look really good, it’s just that there are more visible animation shortcuts and its less spectacular overall. I also love the opening of this show, which I may have said already; not so much for the song but for the visuals and overall mood. SHAFT openings are usually always an artistic treat and this may be my favourite of theirs so far. The ending song is also adorable, and it the accompanying animation changes in every episode (with episode 3 being adorable but leaving me feeling like a pedo thankyou SHAFT and your fixation on young girls’ skirts)
So I can write a whole paragraph about how nice this show is to look at but…..that’s kind of all I have decided on it. The plot is kind of interesting I guess, but I don’t feel like the writing is all that strong. (These other girls literally come out of nowhere and decide to be Makoto’s friends) Some of the characters are good, but some of them are just annoying. (I wanted to like Ryuuko so bad, she’s adorable in the opening and everything about her screams ‘love me!’ but perhaps it’s because of how blatant that is that I just can’t help but…not like her that much. I far prefer Maekawa). Meme is clearly meant to be amusing and sexy but I find her incredibly annoying and her interactions with Makoto a combination of creepy and dull. (she is useful for plot exposition but not much else, at the risk of enraging all the MILF fans). And as for Erio….well, she’s gorgeous, that much is obvious, and I guess I am interested about what’s happened to her but SHAFT seem a bit too interested in just parading her around and showing off her legs and skirt.
This is still a pretty good show, I just can’t make up my mind on it, and that goes for blogging it too. I took on a bit more series than I usually do, so if it gets too much this will probably be the show I drop, even though I’ll continue to watch it. It’s a fun show, and it’s lovely to look at, and I’m actually anticipating the definite surge of Erio figures, it’s just that there’s just something about it that feels…empty. Like some kind of gorgeous bonbon wrapper.

And now I'm hungry.
I love seeing all Maekawa's outfits, even if this one is amazingly normal.
I've decided I find Meme annoying, but she falls rather cutely.
This whole scene annoyed me because it isn't possible for them to be that high out of the water if their feet aren't touching the bottom. Hell, they weren't even treading water or -moving-, wtf.

Out of 5 (both episodes)
1/2 (perhaps adding another 1/2 for how pretty it all is)

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