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After Kanako’s binge-diet in the last episode leads to her attempting to devour the dog Yonakuni-san, she is put on trial for ‘property damage’ for injuring him. With Mariya as prosecutor and Matsurika as defense, they stage a court-room drama/Phoenix Wright parody to determine Kanako’s guilt, while Kanako worries about her status as the main character of the show.
They eventually find her guilty, her punishment being a ‘lecture’ from Father Kanae.

holy shit shaft that is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

Personally I'm waiting for them to rename the show Matsurika+Holic

...I know this is a reference to a game/anime, but I'm not sure which it is. It's not Criminal Girls...

I wouldn't say no to a hug from Father Kanae...

I heard about the silly Madoka Magica parody in this episode (which is in the omake part right at the end and so has nothing to actually do with the episode, but it’s pretty amusing with Homura-Kanako being honey-combed (a la Kyuubey) by Homura-Mariya when she tries to ‘attack’…that one tsundere girl I forget the name of, who is Madoka…but why wasn’t the student president Mami?) but not the Phoenix Wright one, even though it makes up the bulk of the episode. So the second I saw Matsurika doing an ‘igi ari!’ I knew this was going to be the best episode ever.
….except I was wrong because this is really all the episode is, and the joke just goes on for way too long, and past where it has long stopped being funny. I think I would have enjoyed it more if they ramped up the parody some more; set it in an actual courtroom (or even the classroom, those were pretty fancy), and had Mariya imitate some of Edgeworth or Von Korma’s trademark rebuttal animations. Unfortunately none of that happened so the episode felt a little dull in places, but it still wasn’t a bad episode and I did enjoy it a lot. I just wish they either kept the Phoenix Wright parody short or improved on it, because it really is pretty much an entire episode of talking about whether Kanako meant to harm Yonakuni-san or not. (Kanako’s little interjection about the pros of (all-female) prison-life was funny at least.)
I do like how much more attention Father Kanae is getting in this series though, and every time he does anything it’s always gold. Speaking of which there was no segment about him after the credits, this time it was Matsurika’s Diary. It was pretty amusing but…does this show really need more Matsurika? She’s been the centre of attention for this whole second series so far as it is already. I really like Matsurika, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just curious. I can’t help but wonder if she was the most popular character to the fans in the first season so SHAFT decided to run with it. Kanako is right though…she really does need to stand out more as the heroine of her own damn show.

Matsurika's creepy laugh...

I love SHAFT so much for this.

And this.

And this too.

Out of 5,