The terrifying depths of obsession.

The story of the creepy Idol-Otaku Okada continues, with Rinko trying to help him be with the love of his life. Meanwhile, Akutabe is working for the opposite – to make sure Okada never bothers the idol ever again. Unfortunately for both parties, Akutabe’s methods, while effective, re never what the clients have in mind. Using the mermaid-demons power to change things she is jealous of, he makes it so that Okada will lose interest.

In that case I am the most courageous of the courageous! (Well until JET starts)

I just realized, Beelzebub is like some kind of (more) creepy version of Elizabeth from Gintama.

And vice versa! 8D

Aaaaaw, she's so cute.

You know, this is probably my favourite of the current season anime I’m watching right now, and I always look forward to it the most because I just have the most fun watching it. It’s silly and rude and crude but damn does it make me laugh. This episode was possibly the funniest so far;
Akutabe’s unconventional methods of fulfilling a client’s requests are a riot. I kind of felt sorry for the idol, but the spell wore off in the end so I guess it was a happy ending all around…except for the ever-suffering demons.
It seems that Rinko has now gained Okada’s demon, which he was apparently never meant to have.. and Akutabe seems to have tired of the mermaid one already so Rinko may get her as well….so it looks like she’ll gain a new one for every case, possibly.  There’s yet another one in the next episode preview, a cow-based one this time, which she’ll probably also end up with.
As much as I love this show, the truth is I never really have all that much to say about it other than the fact that it made me laugh a lot. So…yeah. Perhaps I’ll have more to say in the next episode review. But I still do love this show.

W-why is Azazel so -cute- in the raincoat!?

oh man I lold.

Probably my favourite cap from the episode.

fff;;; I am -still- not used to Namikawa's voice sounding this creepy.

Out of 5,