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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this


After finding that Victorica has disappeared from the library one morning, Kazuya learns from Cecile that Victorica has been moved to a secluded convent on the order of her father. With help from Grevil (who’s obviously worried for her sake despite trying not to show it), Kazuya learns of the convent’s whereabouts and is able to get in with his help.

I wonder if I could ever find a use for this as a reaction image...

That black-haired girl is pretty cute... (INB4 she's the criminal of the upcoming mystery)

Apparently, there is a special event held there on the upcoming full moon called the “Phantasmagoria,” where magicians of all kinds gather. Brian Roscoe is also there, and through a short flashback, we see that there was a time when the occult and sciences were at a “war” of sorts. Back in the present time, Roscoe reveals that he plans to take back what the convent had stolen from him before—an item known as the “memento box.”

Once the gala begins, Kazuya is able to find Victorica with help from Victorica’s mother, Cordelia Gallo. After the pair are reunited, Brian and Cordelia begin to set the night’s events in motion…


I still can't get over the fact that Victorica's dad got her pregnant at one point... I just CAN'T.

My Opinion:

A rather dull episode this time around, though we do get a heavy dose of PLOT. Also, I guess it wasn’t as annoying as past episodes since we didn’t have to put up with any of Victorica’s bitching. Still, I wish that this episode had been set up better. I’d have to say that this is my least favorite episode of Gosick so far just because of how boring it all was.

In fact, this episode was so dull I’ve run out of things to say about it. It wasn’t even particularly BAD. Just really, really bland. I’m hoping we get some “action” in the next episode after this much set up…

I guess I’ll talk a bit about some of the characters in this episode to make this review seem a little less short. That guy with the beard who says he’s visiting his daughter is most likely Victorica’s father. (I’M CALLING IT.) We get to see Cordelia here also, though she’s still regulated to spouting one-liners. (Or two? I can’t really remember how many lines she got in this episode…) And Brian Roscoe continues to be ambiguously good/evil. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care too much about any of the characters in Gosick but I’ve stuck with this series for this long, so I’ll definitely watch it to the end at least.

Out of five: