Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 5

Possibly the last thing I'd think of if I were to think of an 'anime angel'.

A design firm has called on Akutabe and Rinko’s services to solve the mystery of how their entry for the design of a curry mascot character was stolen. Rinko is on the case, but their client is, frankly, a womanizing dickhead who tests her patience. Akutabe has given her another demon to use as well, the bull-like Moloch with quite a reputation, whom both Azazel and Beelzelbub are terrified of.
Meanwhile, a ‘guardian angel’ has appeared in the city and he is not happy about all the demons he is sensing running around and assisting humans…

Whoo, Rinko looks badass with her hair up.
...was Rinko always so badass?
This is just so bizarre I can't even find it offensive.

Is it just me, or has Rinko been going through some rapid character development lately? In the first episode, she was pretty mopey and hopeless (yet eager), and the story was setting up as though she was this poor girl tormented by the demons. Now it’s almost completely the other way around, she seems a  lot more confident and badass, as well as being the one doing the ‘tormenting’. Although I think Rinko is adorable either way, I do actually really like her like this. Azazel on the other hand seems to be doing less and less, (In fact, Rinko even flat-out said that his powers could only be used for perverted things and so she didn’t want to use them) despite being the title character. I’d like to see him get more spotlight again soon, though, because he’s really quite funny.
The plot of this episode was pretty so-so to be honest, but I’m kind of interested in Moloch and his track record, as well as seeing how his power is going to be used in the next episode. (It seems that this case continues). Mostly, I’m interested in this ridiculous angel character, who is possible the most un-stereotypical angel character to ever be in an anime. I had to laugh that he rants on about justice yet is actually unable to do anything (unless it involves demons). I’m guessing he’s going to clash with Rinko and Akutabe pretty soon, which will probably be the ‘main plot’ of this show. I can’t wait to see what ridiculous powers he has, anyway, surely the demons don’t have a monopoly on those.

Had to cap for that guy's shirt. This show has the lulziest background people.
It's like Tony Tony Chopper gone wrong...
get away from my prospective waifu

Out of 5,

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