The reason this is so late and combined is because I am kind of an idiot. I for some reason thought I’d already seen 4 episodes of this show rather than 3, and couldn’t find episode 5 when it really should have been episode 4 I was looking for. By the time I figured this out, both episodes were out.

Kind of like Soul in Soul Eater except much, much ickier.

When Ganta, Shiro and Yoh have gone to break into G-block they end up in a spot of danger from a killer robot out to capture them…which is quickly taken care of by a new character called Senji (AKA Crow). He has the same power as both Ganta and the mysterious ‘Red Man’ – to manipulate his own blood as a weapon, and it turns out that these three aren’t the only ones. In fact, G-block itself was created to detain those with this power, called the ‘Deadmen’. Ganta realizes that if he needs to be bleeding to use the power then he can, in fact, control it, but it doesn’t take long for all four of them to be recaptured. Whilst Senji, Yoh and Shiro are detained, Ganta is taken by Tamaki who performs some cruel experiments on him whilst non-chalantly revealing that yes, he was falsely excused so that Deadman Wonderland could have him.
Both Ganta and Senji are then scheduled for the ‘Corpse Carnival’: a battle to the death between Deadmen. The winner will receive a massive load of points, the loser’s fate being significantly less pleasant.

One of the few times he isn't make that annoying eyebrow-raise-face. (AKA the Dreamworks face)

did...did those things just grow 2 whole sizes just for this scene?

This show is so depressing, I watched this episode right after Maria+Holic and man talk about a mood whiplash. It didn’t skimp on the plot details one bit though, with a load of new information as well as the answers to some questions (whilst, of course, creating even more). I can’t say the developments were all that surprising; for one thing, I had assumed the G-block was for ‘people like Ganta’, what makes less sense is why Ganta was never in G-block to begin with. (Unless it was because he wasn’t particularly good at controlling his power so Tamaki didn’t perceive him as a threat.) We’d also long got the picture that Tamaki had Ganta framed for his own devices – exactly why the Red Man spared him (and thus infected him with the power) is a little less obvious at this point.
Annoying ‘Dreamworks Face’ (AKA ‘Bleach Villain Face’)aside, Senji seems like a pretty decent character and the fact that he seems to have some kind of phobia of women (or at least their boobs) manages to inject some more needed humour amongst all the despair. Because boy is there ever a lot of despair; there are times when this show is almost torture-porn – in this episode mostly psychological torture – and the fact that it’s all done to an(apparently) innocent 14 year old boy is not entirely what I’d call comfortable. (There’s even something of a Clockwork Orange homage here with Ganta being forced to watch other Deadmen in the Corpse Carnival being graphically murdered over and over) But the desire to know how everything is going to turn out (and the hope that I’ll get to see Tamaki die horribly) is keeping me going.

...I still really like her. She always seems like she doesn't want to be there, I don't blame her.

...meanwhile I really don't think I like her much.

Out of 5,

Episode 5

Who are these people they look so awesome 8D

It’s time for Ganta and Senji’s ‘Corpse Carnival’, or, to outsiders, ‘Woodpecker vs. Crow’. ‘Crow’, or Senji, has managed to secure quite a reputation (as well as an apparent fanbase) for his fights, so Ganta is not feeling particularly hopeful about even standing a chance. However, despite being worried Shiro seems to believe in him, since she seems to know well that Ganta is not one to give up. Ganta, at the least, seems to have figured out a little how to control his ‘Branches of Sin’ power, albeit not all that well.
Meanwhile, is getting more and more confused about What the Hell is Going On (especially in regards to the robot being defeated) and wants to see the director about it…apparently, a hard audience to obtain.

uguu shiro

...It looked pretty cool how they were fighting with all those creepily cutesy avatars in the background.

WELP if anyone for some reason thought that things were going to get better for Ganta after the last episode they’d be sorely disappointed because this episode just piled on the tortureangst even heavier. And I have to admit…it’s starting to get to me. I’m quite sqeamish when it comes to blood, but the stylized and often unrealistic violence wasn’t really affecting me much until now. Once we had to start talking about the mechanics of the blood-based abilities and how Ganta becomes anemic/faces death for losing too much of it though…I’m feeling pretty anemic myself. And that was only the beginning really; the word ‘tortureporn’ is only becoming more and more fitting for this series as we see Ganta stabbed and sliced to within an inch of his life. And even that isn’t the whole of it, when he does the Typical Shonen ‘I WILL NOT GIVE UP’ thing and ends up winning, the loser Senji ends up on an ‘after game show’ in which his punishment (for not dying!) is carried out. I would make some lame eye-based pun about this, but I don’t feel that I have it in me, so I’ll just say instead that it sure was nice of them to put some white glare-style censorship over that because ag;odjgjgh;jhh eyeballs. Massive squick right there.
On the topic of the ‘typical shonen’ fight, I think this was a downside to the episode for that reason. Sure, it looked cool, and there was a real sense of danger and horror in it, but the format (hero about to meet certain loss, gets back up, defeats opponent with one big flashy move but spares them) was so typical it did lose a bit of impact, no matter how much it dresses itself up with gore. But I’m willing to overlook that since such battles don’t seem to be the main focus of the show in the first place. I’m much more interested in the tidbits we’re learning about Shiro and Yoh – the fact that Yoh is looking for someone in G-block as well (and a girl, no less), and that Shiro is confirmed to have known Ganta when they were younger. (although the ending credits kind of gave that away already). Also the fact that Shiro seems to possess some kind of berserker power, and from the looks of things, is also a Deadman…an unregistered one at that. Can’t wait to see how things will continue to unfold but boy is it getting harder to stomach.

..she's meant to be a kid here but I swear her face doesn't look that much younger.

Serious Elfen Lied vibes here...

Out of 5,