Maria+Holic Alive Episode 6

Oh wow I was right.

In the last episode we saw Kanako returning from a week’s absence to find that many things had changed around the school. But what exactly happened in that week she was gone? This episode seeks to answer that question and fill the gaps, and we even get to see how the japanese history card game was developed. (By Matsurika and Mariya, naturally).
However in order to ‘make up for’ Kanako’s absence, her friends have placed a photo of her and a flower on her desk, something which is immediantly misinterpreted by Father Kanae who spends the rest of the episode convinced she is dead. In seeking to console Mariya about this, he accidentally runs into Mariya’s reverse-trap sister Shizu and ‘her’ butler, and he finds himself saddled with thoughts most impure for a priest.

hngh ryuuken hnnngh
Oh Mariya.
Kanae I just cant handle all your fab.

Good news, everyone, Maria+Holic Alive is now Maria+Holic again! When the episode started I was a little doubtful, seeing as how I found episode 5 pretty underwhelming I thought it would be more of the same. It’s kind of unfortunately hilarious how much funnier this was without Kanako.
The whole ‘kanako is dead’ misunderstanding really reminded me of that one episode of the IT Crowd, which was also hilarious. The conversation between Mariya and Father Kanae about this – with Kanae misunderstanding everything he says, was brilliant. Actually, Kanae was just brilliant throughout this whole episode. Back when I wanted a season 2 of Maria+Holic I desperately wanted two things in it : one was more of Kanae, which has been answered in bulk. The other thing I really wanted was more of Shizu, and this episode not only delivered that but exceeded my expectations. When we last saw Shizu she looked exactly the same as Mariya (and I was honestly baffled as to how she kept a low profile at an all-male school like that) but now she’s appearing as a fabulous reverse trap. And not only that, she has a fabulous butler to boot. (Since his eyes are similar, I’m wondering if he’s Matsurika’s brother). She has a massive grudge on Mariya still (with Kanae falling into a trap that was meant for him) so I really hope this sibling rivalry becomes a focal point, it has a lot of potential.
Last week I complained about the opening, but it seems this week they’ve changed a lot of the footage (or at least, I certainly don’t remember seeing some of these parts) and it’s a better opening now. And not just because it was temporarily changed to Matsurika+Holic (with Masturika’s head superimposed over all the Mariya pictures, which just slayed me). In short, a great return to form for this show, I knew in my heart it’d bounce back.

uwaa Shizu be my waifu
uwa so dazzling
(lol you creeper Kanae) BEGINNING KANAE SERVICE SPAM
spinoff show please

Out of 5,

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