Hoshizora he kakaru Hashi Episode 6

Yaaaaay favourite characters finally interacting! And Sakai's clothes are vaguely Haku-ish!

The whole gang is suddenly all friends, or at least on good terms, and have all come over to the inn for a study session.
Of course, staying at the inn means going in the hot springs, and everyone acts out the Cliche Anime Hot Springs Episode. But, Ui is not quite herself after having a flashback about her dear brother getting married.

Magical boddy-hugging steam!
The only fanservice of the girls I care about.
nothin gay here

Synopsis of ‘That Hot Springs Episode’ that needs to appear in every harem anime or else the creator’s face arrest: Group of boys and girls participate in some shared activity (ie, study) until it’s nearly time for dinner. Both groups must then go to the hot springs, which is always segregated by gender but will always be expected to be co-ed by at least one (1) member of the Boy Group. Said member will then be sad about this, but the boys and girls sides of the spring are joined by a wall. Soon, the Boy Group overhear The Conversation About Whose Boobs Have Gotten Bigger ™ and/or imagine the things that go on The Girl’s Side. At least one (1) member of The Boy Group will then try to peek over the wall/from a vantage to see the girls, but will be attacked by The Girl Who Is Easily Angered ™ who will be the first to notice him.  This boy will then likely suffer some wacky slapstick violence committed on his person by more than one of the girls. After the bathing has finished, the Girls (sometimes with participation of The Boys) will play pingpong and at least one (1) girl will suffer The Wardrobe Malfunction, often involving the pingpong ball. When it is finally time for everybody to go to sleep, sleep for the Main Character will always be interrupted by a Plot Point or Desire to Use the Bathroom, where he will run into one (1) of The Girls who was also out of bed. Misunderstandings may or may not ensue.
And with that I have covered at least 15 Hot Springs Episodes from anime and manga and the fact that Hoshizora has followed it to such ridiculous extent is disheartening but not exactly surprising. On the plus side, there’s Ayumu as part of The Boy Group (Kazuma covering his ears when overhearing The Boob Conversation was a nice touch), and the…’fanservice’ (if it can even be called that) on Daigo’s part was kind of hilarious in a terrible way. As for the girls, it’s barrel-bottom-scrapingly idiotic as it was before, but some of it still managed to be humorous.
The main plotpoint here is about Ui and her apparent brother complex…which came off as pretty forced to be honest. Ui is a terribly boring character, really, and even though I know the anime of this will probably be following her route it’s still annoying when there’s at least one far more superior girl (Sakai) right there. What can I say, I really like Sakai, I think she’s adorable, and her creeper-panting over cute things is wonderous. (Her obsession with Ayumu even moreso). Maybe they should just make a spinoff show about Daigo, Ayumu and Sakai, it would be much better.

I'm actually starting to really like the landlady. Maybe she'll be tied as my second favourite of the girls.
Not much to say here.
Frighteningly huge head aside she's quite cute as a kid.
My other favourite girl. I'm not sure if she was even a route in the original game though, which sucks.

Out of 5,

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