Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 6


Beelzebub has enacted his bowel-hell punishment on the dick from the last episode, with (drunk) Rinko trying to coax the money he owes them out of him (which he can’t seem to pay). Little do they know that in the exact same bar, the angel Sariel has ended up by chance. When (also by chance) he gets his hands on Rinko’s grimoire he is free to leave Earth having succeeded in his ‘mission’….but at what cost to Moloch, whose name was currently in it?

drop-dead gorgeous.
Azazel really needs a chance to shine again 8I I know that feel, bro.
Going to think of this whenever I eat a hamburger now ._.

This show is running into a slight problem…it’s stopped being that funny. This is a huge shame, considering it started out as one of the funniest anime this season. It’s still entertaining (although the short run-time does help with this), I just don’t find myself laughing much…perhaps because in these two-episode arcs things starts to get dull. There’s also some issues with the characters; although I’ve said this before, Azazel himself is barely doing a thing…other than complaining that he doesn’t get to do a thing. Come on, this is his show. His power is stupid and all, but it has more potential to be funny than Beelzebub’s, which seems to be all they use lately. There’s also Rinko…perhaps it was just because she spent most of the episode drunk but she just wasn’t the same character. I said before I liked her being badass, but now it’s like she isn’t even Rinko anymore!
Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, I actually kind of like the angel character though, solely because he is just so ridiculous and nontypical. Some might find his ‘confrontation’ a disappointment (I was expecting some kind of ridiculous battle) but it actually has much more effect than that….something that I never really expected to see in this show: character death. The death in question is, oddly, Moloch…which strikes me as odd seeing as the guy was basically only just introduced and given his placement in the opening credits I assumed he had a much bigger role than this. His death, however, shows that the demons are not immortal. There’s this weird mourning scene where I honestly had no idea if I was really meant to laugh or cry…it just seemed so out-of-place in a gag anime – and then it turns out that Beelzebub and Azazel really didn’t give a shit about Moloch anyway and have a fun time beating up a plushie of him. (but then…why the mourning…?) The prospect of demon-death being possible does put a sense of drama in the show (as odd a choice it seems to do), but there’s still a lot of things I’m confused about. For example, if the book being taken by the angel results in the death of the demon whose name is inside it…why didn’t Azazel or Beelzebub die too? Are their names in different books? Or does it only target the most recent entry? Or did I miss something here? Why is a silly gag show getting ‘complicated’ and making me ask questions, anyway?
Long story short, a new story will start next time (starring the mermaid demon, who has been pretty funny so far) so I can only wait and see what direction this show is trying to take.

....Moloch would actually make a good plushie.
Man this guy is creepy-looking.

Out of 5,

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