That hat is rather fitting on Victorica.

Episode 17 Summary:

While Kazuya and Victorica are still stuck at the convent, there seems to be a huge conspiracy going on in the background; all of which revolves around the Memento Box. After yet another grisly murder, Kazuya and Victorica are temporarily separated, whereupon Kazuya meets Cordelia and Victorica meets Brian Roscoe. Cordelia gives Kazuya a ring to give to Victorica, and then promptly disappears into the night. Shortly after this, Kazuya meets with Victorica’s dad proper—the Marquis Albert de Blois.

Cordelia's design has somewhat grown on me.

Albert's design on the other hand is really kind of "meh." :/

Albert proves to be just as despicable a man as he’s been hinted at (all throughout the series) and Kazuya leaves in a huff saying that he’ll take Victorica from this place. Albert warns him that things have already been set into motion, no matter what he does. All the meanwhile, the floodgates have been opened and seawater quickly spills into the convent. Kazuya returns to Victorica just in time to save them both from getting swept away by the sea.

GDI I wasn't planning on shipping you two...

My Opinion:

Okay, Gosick really let me down last time, but this ep was pretty good. I felt that the one guy’s murder was a bit… unnecessary (what, do they need to fulfill a murder quota or something), but there was a lot of tension and high emotions in this episode so that made up for his rather silly death. (I guess he was killed because he was after the memento box too, but it just felt so out of place. “OCCULT IS BS, SCIENCE ALL THE WAY! EUUARRRGH, I’VE BEEN MURDERED!”)

Victorica’s dad is officially introduced here, although we already see him in the opening tons of time. So yeah, I wasn’t too surprised at the *big reveal*, though I don’t like his character design too much. It just seems a bit too clichéd to me. He looks like a mad scientist, which is maybe somewhat fitting, what with his previous obsession with creating homunculi. Still, he looks TOO obviously evil. I was hoping for a more subdued design but I suppose it could have been worse…

Other than that, I loved that Victorica’s and Cordelia’s mother-daughter relationship is getting more spotlight. It’s really touching to watch, and what can I say, I guess I’m just a sap for those types of things. Victorica’s and Kazuya’s relationship is reaching mass critical levels of cheesiness too but it’s too sweet for me to care. Basically I just “AWWW”d all over the place towards the end of this episode… orz

Out of five:

      and 1/2

Episode 18 Summary:

I was rather fond of her. Too bad she's not coming back anytime soon...

Victorica and Kazuya were just able to make it out of the convent alive and are now on a train, but this train proves rather deadly as well. A big conspiracy surrounds the small group of people Victorica and Kazuya are with, who all seem to want the Memento box. Tensions run high and it quickly escalates into a murdering spree. Fortunately, with some quick thinking, Victorica and Kazuya are again able to escape with their lives, and are able to save a bunch of other lives too when they stop a bomb from going off with a gun.

Also, Kazuya and Victorica in butler and maid outfits.

After everyone is safe and sound, Victorica gets a hold of the Memento box and quickly unravels the mystery behind it. When she is done, she and Kazuya make their return to the school and hopefully to more peaceful days…



My Opinion:

Oh gods, this episode. It was cool but also made me go “wtf!?” a lot once the killing spree started. I guess this just goes to show that Gosick’s plot is heading in a much more serious (and dangerous) direction now that the anime is nearing its end. (There’s only six more episodes to go!) I think this may be one of the more depressing episodes of Gosick, just because of all brutal on-screen deaths. (Poisoned, getting stabbed, etc.)

Another thing that I liked about this episode was that Kazuya and Victorica had a BIG DAMN HEROES moment and it was awesome. These two have never been so involved in a mystery plot before, so it was a really interesting watch compared with the usual fare. I’m definitely glad I’ve stuck with Gosick for so long, as I was able to see this episode. It somewhat nullifies past grievances against it. …Somewhat.

I was sad to see the black-haired girl die, however. Even though she was only a one-off character and was a villain of sorts, she was a more sympathetic character than some of the other characters on this show (*cough*Avril*cough*Cecile*cough*).

I’m glad to see that Gosick is really shaping up now and that all past plot points have actually mattered. Even though Gosick’s mysteries haven’t been consistently strong throughout the anime run, I think its story is still the best thing it has going for it. I can’t wait to see the next big plot twist that happens next.

Out of five: