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Mariya and Shizu are still meeting now and then to compare everything competitively – from schoolwork to health examination reports, in their fight to one-up the other. It’s also revealed that Matsurika and Rindo are, indeed, also twins. For reasons initially undisclosed, Mariya decides to stay at the Shidou mansion instead of the Ame no Kisaki dorm with Kanako, with Shizu taking her place. It was said that this was because it was the swimming meet for the Mihoshi no Mori boys school and, as Shizu did for Mariya in the last season, Mariya must pretend to be Shizu so her real gender isnt revealed.
Kanako gets waaaaay too happy about the prospect of being Shizu’s room-mate for ever, and realizes that if something prevents Mariya from coming back, Shizu won’t have to leave. So, she sets off on a brave mission to Mihoshi no Mori to try to sabotage the swim-meet.

waa waa Rindo's so awesome.

SHAFT sure love their Gu*dams.

I thought it was pretty lol to bring this character back, personally.

those fingers augh

Father Kanae wasn’t in this episode but that’s okay because not only do Shizu and Rindo happily fill that space, Mariya seems much more like Mariya again. I have no idea why it took them up until past the half-way point of the series to bring up the fact that Mariya is a boy and Shizu is a girl – I know most people knew this already, but they did recap on nearly every other detail of the plot of season 1 before, just not this one detail that is kind of really important. I’m finding it pretty amusing just how similar Shizu and Mariya are turning out to be – although Shizu is clearly much less of an ass, they’re both pretty immature to each other. It was also nice to see that I was right about Matsurika and Rindo although I didn’t think they were actually twins, just related. Rindo is just so fabulous though, and I love his obsession with ‘survival games’ (it’s much more amusing than Matsurika’s obsession with gemstones, which only seemed to be revealed in this season). It seems that SHAFT like him a lot too because he’s getting a decent amount of screen-time and the end of the episode even had a ‘Rindo’s Diary’ section. (Of course this turned out to be a dream of Kanako’s, but still. The recurring joke about the swimming teacher who only exists in dreams is also quite funny but I hope they don’t wear that out)
And speaking of little things brought back from season 1, I couldn’t  help laughing at the (in a dream, no less) reference to ‘that pendant!’ again. I know what the pendant means is probably never going to be resolved but I think it’d still be funny if they keep bringing it up nonetheless.
I also actually really enjoyed Kanako’s ‘stealth mission’ to the Boy’s School. So far Kanako’s just not been all that entertaining in this series (hell they’ve even been making jokes about just cutting her out of the series as she’s hardly the protagonist anymore) so it was nice seeing her back in (ridiculous) form, and the part at the boy’s school itself was quite funny. (Was I the only one that noticed that the boys in the crowd had the same hair colours as Kanako’s friends?) Although Mariya himself was nowhere to be seen in that part, whereabouts he was exactly is still a mystery at this point. (Or a plothole.)
In all this was a decent episode…nothing to write to your Mother in Heaven about but still fun.

So I guess Shizu does have to wear a wig then. ...but does Mariya, considering he'd have to have short hair to go undercover at the Boy's School?

oh hello Rindo

Kanako is able to look surprisingly badass.

Kanae you better step up or Rindo's going to overtake you as my favourite character.

Out of 5,