Gosick Episode 19

Note: This will be my last review for about two weeks, because Finals are upon me. See you again after the school year’s over!

And before I forget, there be MAJOR SPOILERS here.

fuck you Albert and fuck your terrible character design
I think the ";-;" emoticon sums up my feelings about this episode perfectly.


Back at the academy, it’s now winter time, and Christmas is fast approaching. And; as Victorica reveals off-handedly; Christmas day also happens to be her birthday. Because of this, Kazuya goes out to the nearby city Saubreme in order to buy a Christmas gift AND a birthday present for Victorica. On the way there, he meets with Sophie (Grevil’s old-time crush) who offers Kazuya a ride to the city on her motorbike. Sophie’s going to town because she wants to see a play there, revolving around the mystery of Lady Coco Rose.

Sorry Avril, but this is how I would react to you too.

Meanwhile, Cordelia and Brian are once again watching over Victorica from afar. It’s revealed that it was the Albert de Blois that put on the play, which enrages Brian because he sees it as some kind of insult towards Cordelia. We then get a rather lengthy flashback concerning Cordelia. She used to work in a carabet of some kind, and she and (young) Brian were dating. However, Albert basically kidnaps her one night, and impregnates her. After she gives birth to Victorica, he basically throws her away by putting her in a psychiatric ward. From there, Brian (now a magician) comes to her rescue, and the two tour around the country. But of course, a mother never forgets her child…

It still feels SO DAMN CREEPY seeing Cordelia working in a place like this, though. SHE LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING KID.
I guess this goes to show the strength of a mother's love...

After the flashback ends, Cordelia and Brian send a dove with a paper message to Victorica. After reading the message, Victorica quickly goes running around the school, searching for Kazuya. Not soon after, her brother Grevil appears to pick her up so that she can solve the mystery of Coco Rose. Back in Saubreme, Kazuya has finally found the perfect gift to give to Victorica–a replica pendant that looks exactly like the one she lost early on. However, a strong wind blows, and Kazuya grows uneasy, remembering the Elder’s prophecy concerning the two of them.

Okay Cecile, I guess you've gained a bit of my respect for this BAMF moment.
I get the feeling that they're not going to be separated *just* yet.

My Opinion:

Oh man, this episode legit made me cry. Cordelia… ;-;

That said, I really loved this episode, as sad as it was. I liked the fact that we got to see so much of Cordelia’s history, and a bit of Brian’s too. Although I still think Albert’s character design is pretty bland, I now hate him with THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND FIRES. He better get his comeuppance by the end of the series.

There were some bits of re-used footage shown here, taken from many past episodes, but I didn’t mind because it served to make things more coherent. The animation in this episode was as good as usual, though the cabaret performance seemed a bit… off. The animation of Cordelia’s lips when she sings is admittedly a bit creepy. It… doesn’t seem to match the voice (though that could just be the video player screwing up). Everything else was absolutely lovely, though; especially the snowy landscapes.

Although there were very brief moments of comedy here, I am glad that this series has finally dropped it’s “Victorica the tsundere and Kazuya the bullied protagonist” routine in favor of a much more serious story. The series is so much better without all the petty in-fighting from those two.

Out of five:

        and 1/2

One thought on “Gosick Episode 19

  1. James Birdsong May 29, 2011 / 11:18 pm

    Indeed a good episode.

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