Maria+Holic Alive Episode 8


It’s Sachi’s birthday, and so Kanako learns just how popular her cute friend is at the school…so popular, in fact, that the day becomes a complete celebration in which the whole school bestows gifts on her. Kanako had (a rather lewd) one picked out, but Mariya intercepts her before she can give it. In the resulting lecture, Kanako actually comes to a realization about how her fantasies shouldn’t be pushed on others and how she should think of what makes someone else happy rather than doing things selfishly…
Mariya and Matsurika ‘rescue’ her from an embarrassing reveal and end up making Sachi happy, but they’re so mad at her they decide she’s not allowed to talk in the next episode. Meanwhile, Mariya and Shizu’s competition continues and I simply can not handle how adorable Shizu is.

Ooh, God's new look was quite nice.
I think the angel costume suits her much more...
I loved this whole segment so much.

The more I hear the season 2 theme song, the more I like it. I think it’s league’s ahead of the Hanaji song from season 1, but in terms of visuals, whilst it’s not terrible it’s still oddly normal for a SHAFT opening. (I’m not really a fan of Alive’s ending at all though, the 8bit Mune ni KyunKyun thing from season 1 is one of the best anime endings ever so I wish they could have continued in that vein) And with that out of the way, I liked this episode. Not only did I find it funny (because there really is quite a lot that’s funny here), it had a surprising turn of semi-seriousness that actually showed Kanako as being more than a perverted idiot. This is possibly the first (only?) time she’s ever stopped to think that just maybe not everyone wants her fantasies forced on them, and it really caught me off guard. It’s a side of her I don’t remember ever seeing before and it actually added something resembling ‘depth’ to her; a feat for the main character in a gag anime. How long this will last I’m not really going to guess (in before she brushes off these thoughts completely next time) but there was just something nice about seeing it. And, of course, Mariya and Matsurika helping her out instead of taking the more predictable route and humiliating her in front of Sachi, which was also quite unexpected. (not the mention that Kanako’s only price for this will be not talking in the next episode, which I can’t wait to see. I really hope they get the maximum comic potential from this because it could be pretty funny)
Moving back to the main event – the humour, it’s the random stuff that I like about this kind of anime. Sachi’s whole birthday gift-giving part was hilarious (as well as everyone talking about the various things Sachi had done for them with increasingly improbable items she ‘just happened to have on hand’). I don’t really remember Sachi getting a great deal of focus in season 1, and as she’s possibly my favourite of Kanako’s friends I’m really happy to see so much of her!
Buuuuut of course Shizu and Rindo stole the episode again all by themselves. (Rindo and Matsurika singing together was adorable by the way).

(I honestly wonder if anyone would have noticed, at this point)
(pretty sure this is her default Maria+Holic Alive role dohohohoho)
Quality hands aside, Rindo is so fab.

Out of 5,


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