Hoshizora he kakaru Hashi Episode 8

One does not simply walk into The Beach Episode!

The Beach Episode.

Capped mainly for trollface.
ok she's cute here daaaw
I'd advise against wearing hairclips into the water but anyway.
daaaaw serious face

Man this episode was dull. The plot summary there is literally all you need to know, there is absolutely no deviation from The Standard Beach Episode at all except for the parts with Ayumu. It’s like at this point, the studio just stopped trying, got out their The Beach Episode template and slapped all the charcters into the slots, and then sprinkled on a bit of shotaservice for the hell of it. Of course, if you like your fanservice, you’re probably going to find this episode a little more thrilling than I did because it is basically just one long slideshow of boobs and camel-toes. Even then you might end up getting bored, unless you are honestly that desperate to look at cartoon lady-parts and will take any chance you can get.
The Beach Episode doesn’t always have to be this dull, even when it’s used as an excuse for fanservice. I quite liked the K-On Beach Episodes, for example…and that probably just boils down to the fact that the K-On girls are, to me, fun to watch. Even if they’re just doing mindless crap, they’re fun characters to watch. With the exception of  Sakai (and that blue-haired girl whose name I cant remember because I honestly cant remember half the names of the girls in this show oops), none of these girls are fun to watch, they are boring and I would rather just look at Ayumu. But even some of the Ayumu parts in this episode were cringe-worthy (that whole dream/what-if sequence with him and IforgethernameletsjustcallherBlondBoobies…. yeahno). The watermellon-smashing part was vaguely amusing to watch (and not just because of the Ayumu-chest-groping) but even then it was incredibly cliche. As for plot elements besides ‘they went to the beach’, it’s becoming obvious that the girls are starting to realize their ~feelings~ for Kazuma (although in Ui’s case it’s some kind of brother-complex thing) which is also pretty yawn-worthy. Honestly this anime makes me want to play the game just so that I can get the Sakai ending and pretend its the proper one. (even though she deserves better than Kazuma.)
It’s times like this where I honestly wonder why I’m still not only watching this but blogging it as well, because even as a guilty pleasure show, the pleasure is starting to run a little dry. I’m sticking with it, though, in the hopes that we can return to the kind of pleasant rural slice-of-life flavour that I liked about this show in the beginning. Ayumu and Sakai can only do so much. (also Sakai needs to freaking stop stressing over this whole ‘apology’ thing, it’s hardly worth apologizing for.)

Watch Out, Fangirls About
Obligatory cap of my favourite characters.
Obligatory cap of this week's shotaservice.
You know, the whole episode should have just been Sakai looking at cute sea creatures and teaching Ayumu to swim. That would have been a great episode.

Out of 5,

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