Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 8

Famous last words.

The saga about…the boy’s (I honestly can’t even remember if he had a name) school life continues, as does Undine’s raging crush on the teacher Himoi. Undine is far from the only one, this teacher has a bizarre effect on every female in the school. The fact that Himoi is kind to all the other girls as well as herself sets off Undine’s Jealousy Power which soon starts transforming things all over the school…and eventually the school itself. That is, when Himoi states that he cares more about the school than Undine, her jealousy transforms the entire school into a dystopian slave institution, and it’s up to…the boy to fix things.

"Wow that girl is the only normal-looking one in the class I wonder if she'll be an important cha-oh never mind"
I just cant help but love Undine.

(Seriously though I can’t remember that kid’s name, oh well)
I really loved this episode, which is surprising considering that it lacks not only Azazel (which is hardly a ‘thing’ at this point anyway) but Rinko as well. Undine’s power is one of the more amusing ones in my opinion and this episode really did use it to full comedic potential and taking it to its ridiculous extreme. Of course, in the end Undine’s crush on Himoi ends (…and not only because he ended up being turned into a fish, apparently) and she goes back to grovelling at Akutabe. To be honest, I’m on the fence with finding Akutabe abusing her funny or incredibly uncomfortable (possibly because most of it happens when she is in a human form instead of a goofy-looking one like Azazel and Beelzebub) but given that it’s mostly slapstick, I guess it’s not so bad.
As for Himoi, it’s pretty obvious that he has some kind of infatuation-inducing-power from a demon (which Akutabe seems to be the only one who realizes), so I assume we’ll find out more about that in the next episode. (…however possible that might be, in light of his…fate at the end of this episode).
I do hope we can get back to (usual)Rinko and Azazel eventually though.

If past episodes are any indication you'd best get used to it.
why do I find this cap so lol
dat trollface

Out of 5,

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