I'm glad the anime hasn't completely squashed ALL Keima/Elsie shipping-ness... even if Keima's just nerding out about games here.

Episode 8:

The episode actually merges two different side-chapter stories into one. In the first half, Keima (with Elsie tagging along) goes off to another city in order to buy a really rare edition of a game. Once there, Keima faces a dilemma of sorts and has to ask Elsie to buy the game for him. Elsie (being Elsie), fails her task, but everything turns out fine in the end.

I wonder if this is a stab at one particular famous eroge artist *cough*

In the second half of the episode, Haqua drops by the Keima household, asking for help to write her report about the spirit capture a few episodes back. It ends up devolving into a farce with Haqua not getting much work done.

One of the creepier moments of Keima's gaming...

This part made me laugh a lot. Poor Keima, though.

My Opinion:

For once, the anime producers actually handled a filler episode rather well! Instead of trying to stretch out one short chapter, they decided to merge two chapters into one episode. I applaud them for this, because honestly; those chapters would have made for an extremely boring half-hour episode by themselves. But as they were here, they were rather funny and actually made me laugh quite a bit.

There is one major gripe I do have concerning the later half of the episode—they forgot to include a rather important semi-plot-related point. In the manga, Haqua mentions off-handedly that there are other ways to capture spirits, not just with love as Keima’s doing. I’m rather let down that the producers decided to gloss over this point, unless they’re saving it for later or something. Also, Haqua is the one who actually tells Keima that there are about 60,000 loose souls; but because of the way the episodes have been structured in this season, Elsie was the one who told Keima around the end of the Haqua arc.

Anyway, out of five:


Episode 9:

Say hello to the new capture target!

Jun Nagase (who has a professed love for pro-wrestling) returns to her former high school as a student teacher, and is immediately irked by Keima’s gaming habits. After resolving to “set him straight,” she gets possessed by a spirit, much to Keima’s chagrin. Claiming that teachers are the hardest route to conquer in dating sims, Keima attempts to distance himself from Jun, but Jun goes after Keima instead, causing Keima much confusion. Having accepted the fact that he is now strictly on the “teacher route,” Keima muses to Elsie that this capture will probably take a long time…

Oh Jun, you're too adorable.

I wanna try the bread they're eating. It looks so good... ;-;

My Opinion:

This episode was a little on the subdued side for an episode introducing the new “target that Keima has to conquer,” but I still thought it was good. Jun isn’t actually that much older than Keima (Keima’s 17 I think and she’s 21, so it’s only a four year difference), but Jun is definitely a step up compared to Keima’s past conquests. Jun didn’t exactly strike me as being particularly interesting when I read through her arc in the manga, though I’m glad to say that her anime design came out really well. (She looks adorable!) Also, her love of wrestling is a nice touch (yes, that was in the manga too).

There are more things I want to say concerning Jun’s arc, but it’s rather spoilerish so I’ll wait until this capture’s over. At this point, the her arc will most likely take up two more episodes since she’s the last capture target for this season. Let’s see what happens next time!

Out of five:


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