Maria+Holic Alive Episode 9

Sorry for all the delays, I hurt my foot and didn’t really feel like doing anything except complaining about it.
In other news, people who follow my tumblr would already know this but I accidentally forgot to announce it here – I dropped Deadman Wonderland. It just wasn’t my kind of show in the end and I wasn’t getting any enjoyment out of it anymore – in fact watching it in itself was becoming a chore.

A nice way to start things off.

As per decided in the last episode, Kanako is not allowed to talk in this episode which becomes quite excruciating for her given the plot: Ryuuken’s childhood friend and ‘fiance’ has come all the way to see her again. There’s two problems though, firstly he’s only ten years old and secondly he was the only one who didn’t seem to get the memo that the whole ‘fiance’ thing was a joke. Although he seems desperate to prove himself to Ryuuken, he’s also quite keen on collecting rhinocerous beetles.
Seeing as Kanako is unable to speak, the episode is narrated by a team of Rindo, the Dorm Mistress and Yonakuni.

This kid's pretty cute...
She didn't talk, but she wasnt exactly a minor character in this episode.
Rindo is just too precious.

This episode was just brilliant. Not only did something so unexpected happen – not only Ryuuken’s turn in the spotlight, but the fact that she has such a young (and male) admirer – but it also made the most of its situation with Kanako as I hoped. I had been hoping for something like this – something that would make Kanako want to say something more than anything, and having Rindo and the Dorm Mistress acting as commentary was just the icing on the cake. The whole thing was hilarious and I’d really like to see these two do commentary of anime episodes more often.
The story itself was kind of sweet – I really like Ryuuken for one thing and Touta was rather endearing, if very old-fashioned. The whole subplot about the rhinocerous beetles was…bizarre, but very amusing, particularly the finish it led up to. (Apparently japanese boys just have this thing with rhinocerous beetles. There’s even a slew of videos games about collecting and fighting them like some very banal version of Pokemon.) And, of course, Father Kanae returns, as delightfuly clueless as ever.
Lately I’ve been wondering exactly how much of Maria+Holic Alive is actually adapted from the original manga, so I’ll have to find that out. There’s so much 4th wall-breaking in regards to the anime itself, so I’m really not sure.

Kanae ilu


Out of 5,


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