Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 9

The show would be quite dull if he weren't.

Akutabe has noticed that Rinko has been acting strangely; turning up for work later and later and leaving earlier and earlier. He deduces she is up to something elsewhere and so Azazel and Beelzebub decide to tail her…in disguise. They are surprised to find Rinko in cosplay in a den of otaku creepers, although it turns out she is doing it in exchange for university notes. How much more she can take of this is another matter, however…

...Azazel makes a pretty cute poodle though.

Oh man this episode. I’d seen a bunch of screencaps of it floating around tumblr before I watched it, and although I suspected it was from Azazel-san I wasn’t completely sure – who was that dashing blond guy and the dog? When I found out that the ‘dashing blond guy’ was actually Beelzebub…well. So, it turns out that Undine isn’t the only one who looks considerably more attractive in the demon world. (which begs the question even more of what Azazel looks like. It never said the dog in this episode was his true form.)
Anyway, my hopes were answered and Azazel is sliding back into the spotlight again. And not just him, Rinko as well – which would make the episode enjoyable enough for me, but the actual plot was hilarious as well. While this show has already visited one kind of otaku, it’s doing it again – although technically the first one was an idol otaku and not an anime one. The ‘anime club’ here is terribly and hilarious, an accurate portrayal of That One Anime Club We All Know. That said…Rinko looks adorable in cosplay. The funny thing is, if they make figures of this show they will probably include cosplay-Rinko…if it isn’t the first one they make.
This episode seemed to be merely setting things up so I don’t really know what’s going to happen next….the otaku with the camera did recognize the grimoire of Rinko’s, which could be some indication. However, it’s also likely that he thought it was an anime thing, although if that’s the case then it remains to be seen what the supernatural/demon-related element of this arc will be.

SHE LOOKS SO CUTE but pfft at the cat leg sticking out there.
weeaboo behaviour is sadly not limited to outside Japan.

Out of 5,

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