Gosick Episodes 20 and 21



Episode 20 Summary:

Kazuya meets Cecile (who had stowed away in the luggage) and she tells him that Victorica’s in trouble. This causes Kazuya to rush into the theater house, where he meets both Victorica and Grevil. However, Victorica seems to turn a blind eye towards Kazuya and shortly after he gets caught by the theater’s guards. Victorica, meanwhile, goes on to meet her dad (who only talks to her through telephone) and who forces her to solve the murder mystery of Lady Coco Rose.

Albert please go kindly die, kthanx >:/

Outside, Kazuya and Grevil chat, and Grevil fills Kazuya in on the details concerning the queen’s death. Kazuya realizes correctly that Victorica won’t have enough “fragments of chaos” to solve the case, so he goes off to find more clues. During this time, Albert’s cronies have decided to do some kind of occult ritual in order to force the answer out of her. It’s not long before Kazuya (with some large help from Brian Roscoe) comes to Victorica’s rescue.

Never thought I'd grow fond of Cecile...
This scene was sweet but also so, so over-dramatic.

My Opinion:

This episode was definitely one of the better Gosick episodes, both in terms of animation and story-telling. However, I do admit that things got a bit over-dramatic at points; especially anything concerning Victorica and Kazuya, holy cow. I know that their relationship is really damn important in the series, but god, the CHEESE! Even as much as I ship them now, I think that whole “separation” and “reunion” scene was a bit… much. It’s like getting whacked over the head repeatedly with a piece of ply board while the producers yell, “THESE ARE TWO YOUNG PEOPLE IN LOOOOOOOVE!”

But then again, I guess it wouldn’t be Gosick if everything WASN’T so melodramatic. I enjoyed this episode, anyway.

Out of five:

      and 1/2

Episode 21 Summary:

Awwww, birdie! Also, please ignore the annoying ad thing that shows up in the rest of my caps. orz

In this episode, we’re treated to a theater performance of Coco Rose’s life and death… narrated by Sophie. During the performance, Victorica also takes this as a chance to reveal how the murder was carried out, though she claims that she doesn’t know who the murderer is. Shortly after this, a man named Jupiter Roget comes to greet her. He is the head of the Science Academy, and is also apparently another “Gray Wolf” like Victorica.

After getting away from her father’s henchmen, Victorica reveals that she actually did know who the murderer was all along, but the true culprit behind it all was…

Okay, Victorica never really tells us who the orchestrator behind everything is, but check out that background!

Even though Victorica didn’t “solve” the case, her father still lets her return to the Academy. With that, Coco Rose’s story can finally be put to rest.


My Opinion:

I absolutely loved this episode. The framing of the story via a theater performance was clever and nicely done. (Though how did Sophie not get kicked out for being so loud?! I know she was “narrating” the performance, but really!) The theater act was a nice way of revealing the mystery, by having Victorica explain things as they happen on stage. It also made the story seem fresh and interesting even though we’ve heard it about three times by now (once each episode).

The mystery itself was rather complex and well-thought out. There were a lot of unexpected twists that honestly left me feeling very surprised each time. What actually happened to Coco Rose in the end was also quite heartwarming.  Also… Brian Roscoe apparently has a twin. I guess that explains how his personality sometimes goes from “nice and gentlemanly” to “GRRRR I’M GRUMPY TODAY.” I was not expecting that either, though in hindsight, it does make sense with some of the things he has done in the past. Now I’m wondering which one Cordelia is in love with… (Though there’s nothing wrong with having both.)

As this series winds down, I’m wondering how things will finally end. With only three episodes left, and the light novels still continuing, I hope they don’t have a cop-out ending. That’d be pretty horrible for a series like this…

Out of five:


2 thoughts on “Gosick Episodes 20 and 21

  1. James Birdsong June 11, 2011 / 1:37 pm

    Its hard to tell who murderer is when said person is not dead yet *laughs*
    Therefore Victorique never did technically lie to father about the case hm?
    As for case on face of it she did explain murder solution to Jupiter anyhow.
    Then as bonus, as pointed out, oh wow the mother and son actually lived.

    • Ariana June 11, 2011 / 5:09 pm

      Oh yes, you’re right! Lady Coco Rose did live, so there technically isn’t a murderer for her. Good eye!

      (Though I do feel bad for Coco Rose’s maid and that unfortunate lookalike woman.)

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