Hoshizora he kakaru Hashi Episode 9

Sakai-creeper is the best creeper.

After getting into an ‘argument’ with her father, Sakai has run away from home. She didn’t exactly think things through and so has neither her wallet nor a change of clothes, and so when Kazuma finds her nearly passing out from hunger he does the gentlemanly thing and lets her stay at the inn. Keeping her presence a secret at first, eventually the landlady finds out but allows her to stay if she works for her keep.
As it would turn out, it wasn’t exactly an ‘argument’ she had – rather, Sakai wants to go to university in order to study marketing – in turn to help with her father’s business. Her father would just never hear her out. Stubborn to the end, though, when her father comes for her he ends up challenging Kazuma to a traditional tug-of-war over his precious little girl.

...I just thought Ayumu's outfit was so cute.
thanks for that tidbit, topless Sakai!
I wish I could have got a better cap of her wearing the kimono, as it looked quite nice on her.

I will admit, my patience with this show was getting preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty thin, so getting this whole episode about Sakai is definitely enough to propel me through to the end. Not only that, but woah, a plot to the episode as well! We’ve really struck gold this time.
Sakai is just…I love her. I actually feel sorry for her to be trapped in such a mundane show. She’s just so endearing and adorable in a way that doesn’t require her to be all obnoxious and uguuu in your face (ie Ui, who quite fails at being cute IMO). Also, she’s got ambitions and dreams that aren’t just “I want to be with generic harem lead forever uguuu” which is kind of really awesome in an eroge dating sim-adaptation. Maybe it’s also the fact that she reminds me slightly of Haku as well….whatever it is that makes me so enamoured with her, I can’t say no to an episode all about her. The bad thing isĀ  that this is the required episode for her and thus she probably wont really do much else for the rest of the show…but that’s to be expected with this kind of show, really.
It’s a plot that’s not particularly ground-breaking – a young man must prove himself to a stubborn father, we’ve all seen this before. But this time there are fundoshi which is…..uh, interesting and it also supplies the required Ayumu-service for the episode. Speaking of service, I also like how they didn’t saturate the whole episode with service of Sakai. She gets the cliche ‘whoops i walked in on you changing but it’s okay because those random rays of light will cover your boobs for you’, but it wasn’t the kind of blatantly obnoxious fanservice this show had been sinking into as of late. (of course I’m biased because it’s Sakai but still)
The next episode preview voiceovers are back to being delightfully terribly wrong again, too. Sometimes, these previews are way more amusing than the show itself.

This came right after the gratuitous shot of his fundoshi-ass btw.
...something seems...wrong here...

Out of 5,

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