Of course, she got a pink one. (Also, ignore that annoying ad thing in the corner. I'll try to be more careful when taking caps next time)


The capture for Jun is now officially on, and to speed things up, Keima decides to build up a bad relationship with her. However, Jun misbelieves that the source of Keima’s problems is that he’s “lonely,” so Keima’s tactics end up falling flat. When Jun buys a PFP herself and tries to set Keima “on the right path,” she ends up pissing him off instead. Before getting carted off by Elsie, Keima angrily states, “Don’t judge other people by your own standards!”

You did not just challenge the CAPTURING GOD.

Desperate for a quicker route, Keima opts to go to Nikaido for help, seeing as Nikaido is Jun’s old friend and senior. Unbeknownst to Keima, his outburst is actually a catalyst for change in Jun, as she is now pushing her students to their limits and the students have started voicing complaints. Keima fails in moving Nikaido to help him in his cause, but after seeing Jun walking home from school depressed, he tries one more time. This time, he finally does unravel a clue that will help him with the capture—the former basketball team that Jun was a captain of.

Needs more bishonen sparkles.

Nikaido's a pretty badass teacher. Keima's looking a bit QUALITY there though.

It's surprising how adorable Nikaido looked when she was a teenager...

My Opinion:

A rather average episode for TWGOK. There isn’t really much for me to say about these “in-between-capture” episodes because they’re meant as a build up for the last part of the story in the arc. Having said that, I still think this episode was decent. It wasn’t boring, at least, and it gives a lot more in-sight into what the source of Jun’s problem is. Also, we get to see more of what ticks Keima off!

Moving on, I really quite like the “sunset” theme present in Jun’s arc (similar to the rain theme in Chihiro’s arc). I don’t think the past girls (Ayumi, Mio, Shiori, etc) had too much of a weather/elemental theme, so it’s nice that it’s appearing so much now. (There were a few girls with such themes in the manga, but I don’t think Jun’s sunset theme was as obvious there. Also, I’m rambling now, oops.)

The “capture” episode should be next, so things should be more exciting next time. I’ll state my thought’s about Jun’s character then.

Out of five:


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If I knew any Japanese at all, I'd probably understand this picture better. As it is, I still think chibi-Jun's expression is cute.