Gosick Episode 22

Sorry for the slight delay. Here’s the latest episode of Gosick!


Avril looks like some... tacky Tinkerbell...


It’s Christmas Eve and everyone at the academy has dressed up in costume. Since this is Kazuya’s first Christmas at the school, he didn’t know about this tradition, so Cecile lends him two costumes relating to a fairy tale about a monster and a rabbit. In the story, the monster takes on the form of a small girl and the rabbit is her protector. However, one day, someone kills the rabbit and ends up killing the girl too because the rabbit is actually her heart. Kazuya dons the rabbit costume while Victorica gets the dress the monster supposedly wore.

Oh man, I love this style so much.
That rabbit costume is a bit TOO fitting on Kazuya...

As night falls, the festivities begin. Victorica gives Kazuya her mother’s ring as a present, prompting Kazuya to run back to his room to get Victorica’s present. However, he is soon detained by some men under orders of the king. Because of the growing threat of war, all foreign exchange students are being sent back to their home countries. Kazuya manages to run away from the men (with help from the street urchin in one of the earlier episodes) but unwittingly falls deeper into Albert’s ploy.

Oh, get a room you two.
The catalyst for the second world war, huh...

Back at the academy, Avril hands Victorica the present in Kazuya’s place. Soon after she leaves, Victorica is greeted by her brother, Grevil; who has come to take her away. Although Victorica threatens to kill herself rather than be used as a tool by the Ministry of the Occult, she eventually concedes when she finds out that Albert (her father) has made Kazuya a hostage. Unable to do anything against her father’s power, Victorica can only watch as she and Kazuya are forcefully separated once again.

I legit got teary at this part...

My Opinion:

There’s no denying that this was a sad, sad episode. Things are really winding down now as Albert finally starts putting his “daughter” to use. Although it feels a bit weird having a Christmas episode when it’s not even near Christmas time, I think it still managed to capture the festive atmosphere perfectly. The costume tradition was an interesting take on the holiday, but I suppose the main point of it was for symbolism; with Kazuya being the rabbit that protects Victorica, the Gray Wolf. The symbolism was admittedly a little heavy handed and forced, but it worked out really nicely in the end.

I quite liked the contrast between the happy-sappy stuff in the first half and the much more serious tone in the second part of the episode. It was nice to see Kazuya and Victorica finally being so happy around each other instead of squabbling like they usually do. It also makes that last scene before the episode ends that much more poignant. (And it was also nice to see Ruji/Luigi/the kid again.)

This episode is definitely more dramatic than past episodes, but this time I feel that it’s actually for a good reason. I doubt that Kazuya and Victorica will be separated for long, but we’ll see!

Out of five:

        and 1/2

"If you kill the rabbit, you kill the monster"

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