Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Episode 10


Beelzebub and Azazel continue to trail Rinko, in disguise, as she continues to assist the anime club. The more time she spends with them, the more natural it begins to feel, and soon enough she realizes she may actually be enjoying cosplaying the strawberry witch for them at a convention. Much is learned about respecting what makes people happy¬† and one’s true self…until Beelzebub ruins everything with a certain misplaced snack that is mistaken for the curry Rinko is serving to con attendees.

dem background people
Perfect reaction-face.
Well that solves that issue; Azazel was in a suit all along.

This show has been on a roll with this arc and I really hope it doesn’t stop because I love it. The dry, biting parody of otaku culture took a rather surprising turn when it (at least tried) to be heartfelt, with one of the girls from the club giving a spiel about how it had changed her life from the better, eventually moving Rinko to tears. This is all well and good – clearly, I know exactly what ‘momo’ means, but just as we were dealt this piece of emotion the show quickly back-pedaled; after The Incident caused by Beelzebub which sullied the name of the anime club forever Rinko simply high-tails it out of there. This is, of course, the main joke and further proof that Everyone is an Asshole in this show, but it felt a bit odd – should we have laughed or cried at Momo’s tale? This kind of mood whiplash is becoming a staple of Azazel-san though, and it’s not really a complaint as much as a curious observation.
The episode was hilarious though, although much of this would depend on how much you like crass (ie toilet) humour which makes up the main punchline. However possibly the best part was the ending theme which was the pseudo opening to the magical strawberry witch whateverthehell anime, which is a lot of fun. (I can’t help laughing over the ‘condensed milk’ motif either; clearly it’s one of those “children’s anime” that knows exactly who its real audience is).
The next episode preview seems to show another angel, which is interesting, and will probably be the last arc. However judging by the preorder numbers for Azazel-san DVDs a second season is probably a given.

I'd beg to differ.
...this will definitely be made into a figure. Also THAT BACKGROUND PERSON...
oh Akutabe
Had to cap something from this.


Out of 5,

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