I must admit I really like the whole silent movie thing going on in these flashbacks.

In episode 10, Madoka, who was away for the last episode, returns to find people still abuzz about the events in said episode; namely the tug-of-war between Sakai’s father and Kazuma. The story gets a little twisted by the time it’s relayed to her, however, and the rumour that Kazuma is going to marry Sakai begins. Cue Madoka getting incredibly upset.
When it comes out that this was not the case, Daigo and , well aware of her crush, decide they should set her up with Kazuma once and for all and so plan a date for them. They want Ibuki and Ui to help…but those two refuse, as they are possible routes in the original game and are thus by now in love with Kazuma too. DORAMA.

for a while this became the silly reaction face show.

exhibit b.

Too bad it’s just not that interesting drama. This show is honestly dull without Ayumu and Sakai and since they do nothing in this episode it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a yawner. We’ve reached that point in the plot where all the half-assed sub-plots for each girl/route need to be tied up. On one hand, it’s not a bad thing to give all these girls’ (unwarranted) crushes on Kazuma some closure (for better or worse) because there is an awful lot of anime that never resolves the feelings of the girls who aren’t the main heroine. On the other hand…this show just fails at romance. I came in to it prepared that it was going to dissolve into poorly written romance towards the end, but that doesn’t stop it being any less disappointing. The episode doesn’t actually have anything particularly bad about it, it’s just…really not riveting. There’s the first lot of loose ends being tied up; Kazuma finally remembering who Madoka is and all….but all for nought it seems, because he ends up rejecting her, Madoka being the first girl ruled out. (Sakai and lolininja were already ruled out; even though they put a lot of romantic subtext in their mini-arcs it never really went anywhere). It’s vaguely surprising actually; the childhood friend who gets the flashback at the start of the first episode usually is a shoe-in for the established couple at the end, but not this time. As bland as Madoka is, I feel sorry for her. I know Kazuma is going to end up with Ui and she’s just such a stupid character, it would be much better had it been Madoka. At least Madoka actually felt genuine love for Kazuma and not Ui’s wtf brother-complex thing. Damn it here I am getting emotionally invested in the choices of these poorly written characters and everything.

exhibit c.

It's okay Madoka, you'll find another bland guy some other time.

Out of 5,

Episode 11

Apologies for the terrible subs in these caps.

Ibuki is by now painfully aware of her feelings for Kazuma but tries to hide them from Ui in order to not hurt her, whom she knows feels the same way. As for Ui, she’s still sorting these feelings out herself, and seems to reach some kind of decision after a brief chat with Ayumu who requested her as a model for a sketch. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Kazuma decide to have a fun day together to make up for the fact that Ibuki was away the last time he went to the shopping district. It ends with Ibuki’s confession which does not go the way she would have hoped.

I think they actually suit eachother more than the other potential pairs. (ie Ui.)


woops this episode focussed too much on Ui I nearly fell asleep for a moment there. Just damn this girl is not remotely endearing and I just know she’s going to piss me off even more later, siiiigh.  I don’t give a damn about her creepy brother-complex or her complete lack of chemistry with Kazuma (I know most of the girls in this show are incredibly flat characters but Ui is just exceptionally so, at least the other girls have some kind of vague inkling of ‘chemistry’ whereas all Ui has is the fact that she was accidentally kissed by him once. The fact that she’s the lead girl in this is infuriating to me and clearly I care way too much about second-rate eroge adaptations.)  Speaking of ‘chemistry’, Ibuki’s now been ruled out…and I felt sorry for her, too. I never liked her that much to begin with (generic tsundere much) but lately she’s been a little more endearing and comes across as more sympathetic than annoying. But, what made me like her most of all in this episode was how even though she was upset at her rejection, she recovered pretty quickly after shouting it all out of her system. Sure, it’s an easy way to tie up that loose end and brush her troublesome feelings under the carpet, but I still like the idea of her not letting something like that keep her down and letting her bounce back stronger than ever.
Anyway things are leading up to the apparent main event of the series, the god/goddess festival thing in which there will probably be more drama. It’s getting harder to stay interested in this series but I’ll see it through to the end seeing as there are only two more episodes, and Ayumu might do something. (seeing as he actually annoyed me in this episode by basically egging Ui on to confess to Kazuma which she will no doubt do soon, nooo don’t do that Ayumu you should be encouraging your brother to end up with someone that isn’t her.)

I still wish for the little brother route or the surpise Daigo route just to troll everyone.

You go Ibuki, you don't need some blandass harem lead anyway!

Out of 5,