Once again, it’s the last TWGOK episode of the season…

You know a game's going to be good when it's logo has the letters "BS" in it... /sarcasm


Keima takes a break from loose soul hunting to play a game with shitty graphics. Despite this fall-back, Keima falls head-over-heels in love with the heroine, the badly drawn Yotsuba Sugimoto. In fact, the game turns out to be one of the best he’s ever played (in his opinion). He later gets a message from BS… ah, B’s requesting his input in a game of theirs in order to make the IDEAL GAME. Keima nearly has a mental breakdown trying to discover the ideal game, but everything turns out okay in the end… I think.


Aaaaaaah, Elsie's too adorable.

Ditto the last caption

Wha-- (Also, one of the more obvious anime references...)

My Opinion:

Wow, Manglobe really has learned nothing from the last time, have they? In fact, this episode plays out almost the same way as the first season’s final episode did. It’s actually pretty disappointing.

Fortunately, even though this episode is pretty bad compared to other TWGOK episodes, it’s still (sort of) an improvement over last time. It was definitely nice to see cameos of all the past girls Keima’s “captured” (and even sneak peaks of the new girls for next season!). Even the Yotsuba joke, I admit, wasn’t THAT bad. Sure, it went on for a bit longer than I expected, but it was just so over-the-top ridiculous that I found it funny and thoroughly enjoyed it. The second half of the episode… not so much.

This joke's gone on way too long...


It’s weird; I usually tend to enjoy Keima spazzing out about his gal-games in the manga, but in the anime, it is THE MOST BORING THING EVER. This is probably due (once again) to the pacing differences between the manga and anime. The animators are trying to expand a 20 page chapter into a 20 minute anime, after all. Still, I suppose they did a decent job, all things considered. (At least Keima’s singing this time is… much improved.) I probably missed a lot of the parodies they pulled too, which is why I didn’t enjoy the segment all that much.

Now for some trivia: Yotsuba’s introduction was actually only about a page long, originally. And the chapter used for this episode actually takes place later, but the side-chapter in question really has no bearing on main plot at all, so there’s nothing wrong with moving that around. Overall, I kind of wish that a season of TWGOK could go out with bang for once, but a somewhat embarrassed laugh is fine too.

Out of five:

    and 1/2

Score for the season as a whole:

      and 1/2

I think this season is slightly better than the first, if only for the fact that there were only two filler episodes. (Plus not so much Kanon) The girls that Keima captured this time around weren’t too exciting, I’ll admit, but not everyone can have a “super exciting amazing” capture. The animation quality for the series this time was so-so. I think it was a bit better in the first season, but… ah well. Based on the girls set to appear next season, I predict that the third season is going to be great!

Manga gallery time!

I meant to post this during the Jun arc but I somehow forgot about it orz

Yes, she really IS this badly drawn.

And, to end…

See you next season!