Maria+Holic Alive Episode 10 and 11

Best face ever, Kanae.

Kanako is given a present from Matsurika – a rosary…except, since this is Matsurika, she had ulterior motives to get rid of the thing as it is haunted. Kanako feels drained and depressed and unable to sleep since inheriting the rosary – which she can not seem to get rid of – and is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. Worrying about her health it’s Father Kanae to the rescue. The whole thing eventually becomes some kind of weird love-conflict for the young ghost, until the original owner of the rosary steps in to claim it.
The second half of the episode is mostly Kanako obsessing over the napes of girls necks when they all go to watch some fireworks in kimono.

sdlgjhgdh Kanae is so precious.
Taken his rightful place back from Rindo for good.

This episode was much more like the classic Maria+Holic comedy of the first season and was possible one of my favourites from Alive. This is mostly because of Kanae, of course, because he completely steals the first half of the episode. The humorous twist on the ‘cursed item’ story was also funny on its own (trust Kanako to fall in love with the ghost), as is Kanae adding yet another ‘unattainable love’ to the list. (even in light of the rather creepy implications but I wont go into that. Tsk tsk, Kanae.)
The second half was less interesting, although it was nice to see everyone in kimono. (also the ‘kanako gets all excited for something and then it turns out to not happen’ joke has been worn deep underground by now.) To be honest I watched this episode when it came out and only got around to blogging it now so I honestly don’t remember if there was anything else worth mentioning in it; it was mostly pretty forgettable I think. But the hilarious first half was enough to carry the whole episode.

..of course, Mariya looked the best.

Out of 5,

Episode 11

Finally! The mysterious girl in the opening has her identity revealed!

Ame no Kisaki has received a surprise guest – Kanako’s younger sister! Unbeknownst to Kanako, her sister Miki and Mariya have been in contact for some time and Miki has actually known her since she was very young. She’s admired her all this time, an admiration that is quickly turning into feelings more romantic. Trying to dissuade her from such thoughts, Kanako accidentally lets Mariya’s biggest secret slip…

oh kanae
Miki really doesn't look like Kanako at all...

Stop the presses, everyone! Plot development, in my Maria+Holic Alive? It’s more likely than you think! And it was certainly unexpected, especially in an episode about a sister character which in this kind of anime generally don’t do anything other than introduce a sister character. Character-wise, Miki is nothing to write home about. She’s cute, but her personality is basically a carbon copy of nearly every other polite young lady at Ame no Kisaki. I guess this does make an amusing contrast to Kanako, who completely dotes on her (…why she never really referred to her before this in such a manner I don’t know. I don’t actually think she referred to her at all before season 2), but what makes her introduction the most interesting is the plot point she ends up creating. There are now two people (besides the Shidou family and Matsurika/Rindo of course) that know Mariya is a boy.
Is this going to have a major effect on the rest of the series? Who knows; there’s…kind of only one more after this. (It’s kind of interesting that Alive introduces a new character in the second-last episode when the first series did it too (Father Kanae)). But I’m interested to see…and also whether this series will have any proper ending or just a Shaft-troll again.

...I think she looks nice with pink hair too!
We also get to see Matsurika with her hair out.

Out of 5,

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