Major Spoilers obviously!

...and that is "love"


Continuing from last time, the remaining Brian Roscoe twin attempts to kill Victorica in blind rage. However, he fails to and ends up failing down a cliff, where he is critically injured. Afterwards, he and Victorica hitch a ride on a boat to escape the country. Grevil meets them before they leave and allows them to escape, as a way to “repay” Victorica back for what he’s done in the past. During the trip, Brian Roscoe reveals why he hated Victorica, and loved Cordelia so much. Unfortunately, his injuries are too great and he dies en route.

So I guess even back then, these two were always together... RIP Roscoe twins.

Meanwhile, there is an on-going search for Victorica who is now considered a fugitive. Shortly after, it is revealed that the stress she went through has caused her hair to turn white/silver. This ends up saving her from getting re-captured and she completes the rest of the trip without any trouble. Once the boat reaches land again, Victorica meets up with Roget, who hands her a bunch of letters that Kazuya had sent to her.

I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry...

Kazuya is also going through his own share of hardships, as he fights in the midst of war. Because of the bond between him and Victorica, Kazuya uses all his strength and will to continue living, even after suffering heavy injuries to his legs.

After five long years, the war is finally over. In Saubure, we get to see where all the other characters are now. Roget also ends up returning to the king’s side, where he reveals that the real Lady Coco Rose is still alive.

Oh hey, it's Ambrose! (From the Village of the Gray Wolves!)


Grevil finally lets his hair down again.

And so has Avril! I think she's still stuck in England, actually. Poor girl, still friend-zoned to this day...

Back in Japan, Kazuya finally returns home, where he is greeted by… Victorica! Victorica still has silver hair, but Kazuya thinks that it is beautiful nonetheless. Happily reunited, it is implied that Kazuya and Victorica someday return to Saubure, where…

I don't know what it is but I find Victorica's face rather funny here. I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON orz

damn guys can you two get any more shippable... OH WAIT

Well, the rest is history.

My Opinion:

Wow. That is all I can really say at this point. Just, “wow.”

This episode finishes off the series nicely, I think. The “climax” had already been reached in the last episode, so this one is just sort of a denouement, but a good one nonetheless. All loose ends are tied up neatly, and there’s even a happy ending! (For most of the cast, anyway.) You can’t really ask for a final episode more final than that.

There were some things that seemed a bit… far-fetched in this episode, despite how good it was. The first being the remaining Roscoe twin falling off a cliff. To me, it just seemed like a convenient way for the writers to kill off Brian slowly, so that he had time to monologue right before he died. I felt that he didn’t really have to die, but the writers wanted it so… there you go. I suppose he probably wouldn’t have lived long after losing the two people closest to him anyway, but…

The second thing that irked me slightly was Victorica’s hair turning white/silver. It’s entirely possibly given her extreme stress (it can happen in real life too), but it still seemed a bit “eh” to me. It was just a bit sudden, is all. It’s not too big a deal—something like this happened in an animated film I watched so it’s not the first time I’ve seen it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t bother me that much. I actually think she looks quite nice with silver hair, though many people preferred her with golden hair.

For this episode, out of five:

        and 1/2

Final thoughts:

Blogging Gosick has definitely been a bumpy ride of sorts. Although the first three episodes piqued my interest, I honestly did have regrets during the middle portion of the series. If you’ve read my past reviews, you can see that I’ve had a sort of love-hate relationship with Gosick. However, I am still extremely glad that I stuck with the series to the end, as it turned out to be far better than I could have predicted.

The Gosick series is one that you definitely need to have a lot of patience for (if you’re not just in it for the loli-fanservice). It starts off slowly but the later half is where it really begins to shine; and before you know it, you’re wrapped up deeply in a well-written drama. From the start, Gosick has been shown not to stick too closely to the usual mystery genre, so fans of mystery may be disappointed. However, that does not mean that its story is in any way terrible. I think that Gosick can be more accurately described as a “historical romance drama,” and even though I’m not a fan of history, romance, or drama, I still found Gosick to have a wonderfully woven tale to tell.

The animation quality for this series is also one of the better ones, with detailed backgrounds and a subdued color scheme. The music is admittedly a bit forgettable, but at least it is sufficient in conveying emotions when the scene calls for it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Gosick to anyone who is tired of fanservicey anime, or just want something with a big dose of PLOT. Gosick fulfills both those wants and probably a couple more.

For the series as a whole, I give (out of five):


And so, their story comes to a happy end...